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The Garden State, is Everyone Ready for a Possible Ban on Gas Cooking in the United States?

In case you can’t believe it, here’s the official word from ours.

The United States Commissioner for Consumer Product Safety has publicly discussed the prospect of a nationwide ban on natural gas stoves.

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As reported by Bloomberg News yesterday, Commissioner Richard Trumka, Jr. is looking into whether or not gas stoves in the United States contribute to pollution. expressing a willingness to consider “all options,” including government restrictions and outright prohibition.

True, he did in fact say that.

What Trumka stressed was that “products that can’t be made safe can be banned.
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This is extremely revolutionary. Half of all homes in the United States heat with natural gas and use for cooking and hot water.

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When it comes to cooking, natural gas stoves are widely favored over electric ones, both by professional chefs and home cooks. Natural gas, they conclude, results in more uniform cooking.

Trumka and others who share his philosophy are using reports from the World Health Organization, Harvard, Smithsonian Magazine, and other sources to back up their woke agenda.

They state that using natural gas results in the following risks.

  • the gaseous form of nitrogen (N2O).
  • The dioxide of Carbon, or CO2.
  • little bits of stuff that float around.
  • possibly triggering respiratory problems.
  • Issues with the heart and blood vessels.
  • cancer.
  • illness was commonly seen in young people, asthma.

They think that people pollute their homes because they use natural gas.

Although the idea of such a ban being implemented in the United States is unthinkable to many,… Day by day, we see evidence of a more radical agenda.


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