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The First Woman from New York City to Make a Division I Baseball Team

NEW YORK CITY, QUEENS (PIX11) — Even if Olivia Pichardo, a native of Queens, New York, doesn’t know it yet, she’s breaking new ground in the sport of baseball. Brown University’s walk-on Pichardo is the first female athlete to make an official roster for a team competing in NCAA Division I.

Pichardo told PIX11 News from her Rhode Island dorm, “That wasn’t my intention or reason for making this squad.” “I wanted to play collegiate baseball no matter what division it was in,” he said.

After enrolling at Brown as an underclassman, Pichardo was given a spot on the team. She was determined to continue trying out every year until she made the squad, regardless of whether or not she was successful this time around.

From an early age, her upbringing in Forest Hills ingrained in her the importance of perseverance. Pichardo has been a baseball fanatic since she was five years old. On the Bears roster, she is listed as a utility player, however her best position is pitcher.


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The first time Pichardo was interviewed by PIX11 News in May of this year, she said that softball is a fun sport, but that baseball is where her passion lies.

Even Now, Three Years Later, Pichardo’s Historic Victory Continues to Motivate Many

Queens native becomes 1st female to make NCAA Division 1 baseball team

The first news outlet to interview me was PIX11 when I was 14 years old. For me, it feels like everything has come full circle,” Pichardo said. In other words, you might expect to face challenges.
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That’s a given, really. When I do something, I do it with all my heart and soul. This sort of behaviour is inherent to who I am.
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Pichardo, at age 18, is used to standing out in baseball, but she is well aware that she is not the only woman making a mark in a field that was historically closed to women.

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In 2018, she was a part of MLB’s Breakthrough series, which aims to introduce young women to major league sports and college scouting. Pichardo was a part of the women’s national team this past summer.

Queens native becomes 1st female to make NCAA Division 1 baseball team

Pichardo’s life experiences have served him well on this path less taken. On Feb. 24, Brown plays its first ever baseball game. Pichardo, in the meantime, will focus on acing her last few tests.

Pichardo replied, “I’m not thinking too much about the far future right now” when asked about her long-term baseball plans. The approaching Brown University finals have me attempting to live in the present.

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