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The Teen Made the Bomb Threat While Visiting Lyndhurst, New Jersey From Brooklyn.

A 15-year-old Brooklyn teenager was arrested on Oct. 7 after making a bomb threat against Lyndhurst High School, which he had attended.

According to police Lt. Vincent Auteri, the adolescent took public transportation to the Bergen County village on October 7 and met up with schoolchildren there at around 11 a.m. The classmates returned to class while the adolescent made a 911 bomb threat.

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The police stated the caller used technology to hide his identity, so the dispatcher who answered the call could not identify him.

In the end, 825 pupils were escorted out of the school after it had been placed on lockdown. The K-9 unit from the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office examined the premises, but could not locate any explosive devices.

Threat Day Interview With Cops

A special law enforcement officer at the school, who was sent in to deal with the threat along with the police and school personnel, spotted an out-of-place student.

The youngster answered the officer’s questions by stating that he was from Brooklyn and that he had met the other student through online gaming.

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A crossing guard reportedly noticed the youngster near the school just before the threat was reported.

After admitting to making the threat near the school, the kid was charged with making a false public alarm on Tuesday.
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Now he can go live with his dad.

The Department of Homeland Security Investigations Newark Field Office collaborated with the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Cyber Crimes and Intelligence Units on this case.

“Bomb threats are never fun and they are never harmless,” stated Lyndhurst Police Chief Richard Jarvis. We will never tolerate such conduct. Those responsible will always be identified and punished.

It’s a Bomb Threat Again!

On Tuesday, police in Toms River, New Jersey, charged a Canadian boy, age 14, with making a threat against Toms River’s Intermediate East School on November 21.

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Earlier in the day, the teenager was also accused of making a threat against a residence. The teen was detained by Edmonton law enforcement.
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