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The First Mexican Consulate in New Jersey Will Be Located in New Brunswick

Mexico’s federal government will open its first consulate in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Previously, a Mexican consulate in New York provided services to citizens of New Jersey, Mexican consul Mariana Diaz told TAPinto New Brunswick on Tuesday, January 24.

The government of Mexico decided to create an office in New Jersey “because of the magnitude of the population and because the community has been begging to have an office where they can receive services,” she said.

Because they both provide some of the same services and are involved in how governments deal with other nations, consulates and embassies are frequently mistaken for one another. Consulates, however, operate on a smaller scale. However, they provide a wide range of services.

According to Diaz, they help with passport applications and renewals, consular ID card issuance, and the dual citizenship registration of children of Mexicans living in the United States who were born in the United States.

Additionally, she noted, consulates offer Mexican citizens access to financial, educational, and health resources. Diaz responded, “It’s a little bit of everything,” when asked if New Brunswick was chosen because it has a sizable population of immigrants from Mexico, many of whom are from the Oaxacan region.

The location, in my opinion, is crucial. Additionally, we will be able to serve the counties under our control, and this location is ideal.

More than 200,000 Mexican nationals, including those born abroad to at least one parent who is a citizen of Mexico, those born in Mexico regardless of their parent’s nationality, and those traveling on Mexican ships or aircraft for commercial or military purposes, according to Diaz, reside in New Jersey.

The First Mexican Consulate in New Jersey Will Be Located in New Brunswick

She claimed that, behind Passaic, New Brunswick has the second-largest number of Mexicans in the country. Diaz said “that’s what we’re working on,” declining to reveal where the consulate’s headquarters will be.

She expressed hope that the consulate will open in the spring and promised that the location of the offices would soon be announced. She stated that there will be more than 20 employees working in the Mexican consulate in New Brunswick.

Diaz, a native of Mexico City, announced her move to New Brunswick. She was there at the Tuesday ribbon-cutting ceremony on French Street for the debut of a jewelry shop run by immigrants from Mexico. I’m enjoying it, she gushed. “I’m getting used to the city, and I love the people here.

This neighborhood is excellent. They appear to be colorful. They are businesspeople who work very hard. The city requires that. The city needs individuals who are starting enterprises, generating jobs, and fostering the city’s expansion.

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