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The FBI is investigating a claim that George Santos Stole Money from A Dying Veteran’s Service Dog.

According to NBC News, the FBI is speaking with a veteran on his claim that Representative George Santos stole thousands of funds raised to pay for surgery for his dying service dog.

Rich Osthoff, a New Jersey naval veteran, accused Santos, who in 2016 was using the name Anthony Devolder, of stealing $3,000 raised on GoFundMe for the treatment of his service dog, Sapphire. The dog was never treated, as Osthoff claimed he never received the money.

Wednesday, Osthoff stated that he is “offering the FBI everything he has,” including texts with Santos.

Osthoff told NBC News, “I’m ecstatic that the major players have finally caught on.” “I’m in the process of turning over anything relevant to the GoFundMe campaign, including my text messages.”

Politico was the first to report on the investigation’s extent. A spokeswoman for the FBI in New York and the Eastern District of New York both declined to comment.

Previously, the Queens District Attorney’s office declined to comment on Santos’ alleged mismanagement of the crowdfunding effort. A representative for the office confirmed a previous statement regarding the alleged actions of Santos, stating, “As a matter of policy, we do not comment on ongoing investigations, but we are examining whether Queens County has jurisdiction over any potential criminal charges.”

The office of Santos did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment. On January 19, Santos responded to the dog charges via Twitter with a partial denial.

“Reports that I would allow a dog to die are surprising and absurd. My efforts in animal advocacy entailed both love and labour. In the past twenty-four hours, I have received photographs of dogs whose populations I have helped to diminish, along with encouraging words. These obstacles will not stop me!” He sent a tweet. Several hours later, he deleted the tweet and posted a fresh one to correct the misspelling of “reduction” as “rescue.”

The congressman’s tweet attacked, but did not directly refute, charges that Santos fled in 2016 with the thousands of dollars gathered for the veteran’s dog’s treatment to remove a stomach tumour.

“I attempted to phone the police, but I did not know George Santos’ real name. “Without an address and phone number, they were helpless,” Osthoff stated in January. “I am so furious that he’s a congressman! He does not merit that position.”

Santos’s home district has reacted negatively to the allegations made against him.

“What George Santos did was reprehensible. “I’m not sure what will break the camel’s back,” said Vietnam War veteran Mitch Furman. Twenty veterans commit suicide per day in the United States. Service dogs are one method of preventing this from occurring.”

Since his arrival in Washington in January, Santos, who won his Long Island congressional seat in November, has been largely mute, stating simply that he exaggerated his resume and that an ethics investigation would not discourage him. He was sworn in, has defied calls to resign, and has granted only a few interviews to conservative media sources.

In an interview with the conservative OAN Network on Wednesday, Santos confirmed for the second time that he had fabricated his resume, but he also blamed the media for twisting his narrative out of hand.

“I am aware that a large number of individuals want to promote the false narrative that I lied my way into Congress,” he stated.

The congressman also approached a reporter who inquired about one of his alleged lies, claiming that the reporter’s repeated references to his deceased mother were callous.

Santos claimed his mother was in her office at the World Trade Center during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, but records uncovered by NBC News in January revealed she was in Brazil at the time. Fatima Caruso Devolder, the mother of Santos, was admitted to the United States in April 2003 after being absent since 1999. She had been residing in Rio de Janeiro.

He also deflected a question regarding a study finding that 78 percent of respondents in his constituency say he should resign.

“I didn’t order a poll. “If I request a survey, I will discuss a survey,” he stated.

Rep. Santos, who represents New York’s 3rd Congressional District, is apparently under investigation by local, state, and federal prosecutors, as well as Brazilian authorities, who have accused him of fraud.

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