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The Eminence in Shadow Anime: Is It Coming in 2022?

Daisuke Aizawa’s The Eminence in Shadow (Kage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!) isekai fantasy light novel series will be adapted into an anime. In other news, the principal cast has been unveiled, and it features a number of familiar faces. Before discussing the actors, let’s take a look at the series’ backstory.

Beginning in May of 2018, you can read The Eminence in Shadow as a serial on the novel publishing website Shsetsuka ni Nar. It was acquired by Enterbrain and published in four volumes. Six volumes have been published so far. The American rights to publish the light novel and manga were acquired by Yen Press.


The Eminence in Shadow Anime

storyline The story follows a young man who wants to become a shadow broker. To achieve his goal, he prepared his body by learning as many different forms of martial arts as he could.

But during one of these workouts, he stumbled onto the magic. Sadly, it wasn’t magic, but rather the beams from a passing automobile. He died in the conflict but was reborn as the nobleman’s son Cid Kagenou in another world. He persisted in his pursuit of knowledge in order to fulfill his ambition of becoming a shadow broker.

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Release Date

It normally takes a whole year from the time an anime is announced until it finally makes it to Japan. But in the case of The Eminence in Shadow, we won’t be able to watch it until 2022. The show is directed by Kazuya Nakanishi and produced by Nexus;

the show’s scripts are written by Kanichi Katou, while the show’s character designs and soundtrack are created by Makoto Iino and Kenichiro Suehiro. It will debut on AT-X and other networks Expected on October 5, 2022. The studio has not given us a concrete release date, so we’ll have to wait a little longer.


The Eminence in Shadow Anime

“Cid Kagenou” (voiced by Seiichiro Yamashita)

Cid, our hero, comes from a long line of nobility. However, he is also the secret head of the Shadow Garden. When it first formed, the group’s stated mission was to “fight the Cult of Diabolos,” which was a complete fabrication. But they recognize that the Cult is real and that Cid’s actions go counter to the Cult’s, leading to even more complications.

Alpha (voiced by Asami Seto)

Alpha is a female elf who is the first of her kind to rule the Shadow Garden. Cid found her on the street while she was under the influence of a demon and used a variety of techniques to free her. In return, she swore devotion to him and helped him round up six other crucial recruits to further the Cult of Diabolos.

Beta (voiced by Inori Minase) (voiced by Inori Minase)

When Alpha was looking for some people to work with, she came across Beta, and Beta eventually became the Shadow Garden’s second member. She is another elf who likes to keep a diary of their daily exploits. She details her entire experience in “the battle diaries of Shadow-sama,” in which she mostly extols Cid.

Gamma (voiced by Suzuko Mimori)

The trio of Shadow Garden is now complete with the addition of Gamma. Due to her weak body, she stays away from fighting situations. But her smart mind makes up for it in spades. To support Shadow Garden’s business needs, she established the Mitsugoshi Corporation. She based it on a suggestion Cid gave her on Earthly items, which she then began to copy and sell commercially.

Delta (Voiced by Fairouz Ai)

Delta, one of the girl fighters, is a beast-kin and a vital member of the team. She is not particularly skilled with a sword or in the use of magic, but she makes up for it with brute force and can be dangerous.

Her animal nature gave her heightened senses, allowing her to pick up scents at great distances and locate prey with ease. Until now, she has only given their names to Cid and Alpha, the only two who can match her might.

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Epsilon (Voiced by Hisako Kanemoto)

The Eminence in Shadow Anime

Epsilon is a magical elf with advanced abilities. She additionally exudes an air of superiority and is always the cause of drama among the pals. She possesses the power to unleash the full potential of the slime bodysuits worn by the Shadow Garden members.

Zeta (voiced by Ayaka Asai)

To round off the group, the voice acting was performed by Ayaka Asai. we have Zeta, the sixth and last member, and another beast-kin. She usually gathers information while she travels the world.

Eta (Performed by Reina Kondo)

Eta is the group’s resident scientific genius, and as such, she heads up the research team and has her own lab. She also excels as a professional architect.

Story Review

The anime features first-rate animation that won’t disappoint. Some reviewers have cast doubt on our expectation that the characters will display any darkness.

Many fans of the manga genre have said that the trailer comes across as serious in academic settings, but actually packs a hilarious punch.

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Anime Trailer Was Released

The forthcoming anime trailer is available on AniTV and JP Anime’s YouTube channels. On October 27, 2021, the first trailer was released, and just about two weeks ago, another trailer was released. It was revealed in the teaser that Shadow Garden is actually the name of the production company. We stalk the darkness and wait for our prey. For that alone, we exist.


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