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The Dog Flu is Spreading, and Veterinarians Are Warning Pet Owners to Be Vigilant.

Veterinarians have issued a new alert, urging dog owners to be vigilant against canine influenza. If your dog spends time around other canines and has a cough, you might consider giving him a canine flu vaccine.
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To put it simply, your dog cannot infect you with the flu, and you cannot infect him with the virus. If you or Fido are feeling under the weather, it’s okay to snuggle.

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Various canine and human influenza viruses are causing comparable symptoms. When people are in close quarters, it spreads rapidly.

Jason Smith left his pets at a kennel for the holiday.

Within twenty-four hours of returning from the kennel, “all three dogs exhibited flu symptoms,” Smith added.

Recent cases of canine influenza in certain areas, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, are highlighted in red on the website Pneumoviruses come in a variety of names, including new-mo virus and canine influenza.

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Dr. Cynda Crawford from the College of Veterinary Medicine explained that while “most dogs may endure 10 to 14 days of runny rose and coughing,” some of them can get pneumonia, which can be quite dangerous.

Because of the illnesses, dog adoptions have been temporarily halted at some shelters.

“Once it starts spreading, it just, it just spreads,” said Animal Services Director Doug Brightwell.

A veterinarian’s recommendations for treating an illness are similar to those given to their human patients.

“We need to slow them down so that they can rest and recover. The virus or bacteria that is giving them cold is probably communicable to other dogs, so keep them isolated at home “Says Crawford.

However, there is a vaccination for canine influenza but not for pneumovirus.

Right now would be a good opportunity to obtain your dog’s immunization before Christmas boarding.

Dr. Jimmy Davis emphasized the significance of time, saying, “Their antibody production is what needs to ramp up.

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Dog flu has no cure; all you can do is make sure your pet stays hydrated and at ease. See a vet if the condition worsens; antibiotics may be required.

Dog vaccination against canine influenza may not prevent the disease entirely, but it will lessen its intensity and shorten its duration, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. In the same way, as there are several types of flu vaccines, each of which protects against the illness.
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