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Teen on Paterson Street Charged With Possession of High Capacity Magazine and Firearm

An 18-year-old city resident was apprehended by Paterson police detectives as he was walking the streets of the city with a loaded handgun and a high-capacity magazine, according to the authorities.

At approximately 10:40 p.m., Detectives Wisam Salameh, Levis Qirjako, and Corey Davis were in the neighborhood of Union Avenue and Marion Street when they came across Jasun Allah acting in a suspicious manner.

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The statement was made by the city’s Director of Public Safety Jerry Speziale on Monday, November 28.

According to the director, once they had Allah in their grasp, they rapidly removed a 9mm Ruger semi-automatic revolver from his pocket.

According to the documents, Allah has continued to be detained in the Passaic County Jail after being charged with multiple violations involving guns and ammunition.
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In the meantime, city police have handed the gun over to the ballistics experts of the New Jersey State Police to evaluate whether or not it was shot during the commission of a crime.


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