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HomenewsDo You Recognize Him? Family Dollar Store Robbery Suspect Arrested in Newark

Do You Recognize Him? Family Dollar Store Robbery Suspect Arrested in Newark

On Wednesday, a Family Dollar shop in Newark was robbed, and the police are currently looking for the suspect.

Director of Public Safety in Newark, Fritz G. Fragé, has made a request to the general public for assistance in identifying a male suspect who is wanted in connection with the robbery.

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According to the reports of the police, a Family Dollar store that can be found at 62 Broadway was robbed shortly after 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

The guy was challenged by an employee after making multiple attempts to steal merchandise from the store.
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He made a hand motion as if he were holding a weapon and then verbally threatened to shoot the employee. After escaping, the suspect went in the direction of 7th Avenue by walking east on Broadway.
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The suspect is thought to be in his forties and has been described as having a mixture of black and grey hair, a height of 6 feet, and a weight of 180 pounds.

He also has a light beard. His ensemble consisted of blue jeans, a brown raincoat, a New York City winter cap, and blue, white, and grey sneakers. His pants were blue.


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