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New Jersey Court Hands Down Sentence to Murder Suspect in Case Linked to Santa Fe

It all started with a noxious odour coming from the back of a little red pickup truck in the Sunport parking garage. After following the scent, authorities discovered four dismembered and decaying remains inside plastic containers and a bloodied hammer.

But the accused perpetrator, Sean Lannon, wasn’t finished. The family guy flew to New Jersey, where he found his former mentor and brutally murdered him.


On Wednesday, a judge in New Jersey handed down a sentence of 35 years in jail for that final act, which will be served between March 2021 and March 2048. In October, Lannon admitted to killing Michael Dabkowski, 66, and was found guilty of first-degree murder.

Suspect in ABQ killings sentenced in New Jersey case

Prosecutors in Gloucester County claim Lannon entered Dabkowski’s East Greenwich house and attacked him with a hammer. Lannon then took the man’s automobile and was apprehended while driving it back to New Mexico.

In his interview with police, Lannon claimed that Dabkowski had sexually assaulted him as a youngster and that he had gone to his former mentor’s house to acquire sexually graphic images; however, no proof was ever offered in court to back up this claim.

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Lannon, however, is still being held responsible for the killings of his ex-wife Jennifer Lannon (age 39), as well as her two friends (ages 21 and 40) Matthew Miller and Jesten Mata, and Randall Apostalon.

The foursome was discovered in Apostalon’s pickup truck at the Sunport on March 5. Lannon informed the authorities that he murdered his ex-wife first because he found her in bed with Mata at their Grants residence. He claimed that he then enticed Mata and Miller to the house, murdered all three, and disposed of their remains in bins.

Suspect in ABQ killings sentenced in New Jersey case

According to the police, Lannon hired Apostolon to transport the containers to a storage facility in Albuquerque while he and his three children were there. Lannon reportedly informed authorities that he shot and killed Apostalon because the latter had demanded more money and been getting ready to remove the bins from Lannon’s truck.

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Several hours after his disappearances were reported, Lannon was brought into custody by Albuquerque police and transported to Grants, where he was questioned by detectives.

The Sunport’s security guard alerted authorities to a stinky truck on the airport’s upper level less than two weeks later.


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