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New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy Has Signed a Law that Significantly Modifies the State’s Regulations on Concealed Carry

Legislation increasing gun rights was prompted by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision this summer, and on Thursday, New Jersey Gov.
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Phil Murphy signed a bill updating the requirements for obtaining a firearm carry permit.

Before signing the bill at a ceremony in Scotch Plains, Democratic Governor Phil Murphy said, “While we are forced to uphold the Supreme Court’s verdict, we are also committed to do everything we can to make sure weapons do not proliferate.”

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signs bill overhauling gun carry rules

On Monday, the bill was approved by the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats. As a result of Republican opposition, constitutionality concerns were raised, and proponents of individual rights to bear arms projected that the bill would be struck down.

According to Scott Bach, president of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, “by signing this law, Gov.
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Murphy has basically eliminated any hope of ever being elected to higher office outside of New Jersey, and has confirmed that the Constitution is actually ‘beyond his pay grade.'”

In light of the June Supreme Court judgement, the new law eliminates the prerequisites of “justifiable need” and “good character” for obtaining a concealed carry permit in New Jersey. The proposal also makes it illegal to vote for anyone who has been institutionalised for mental health reasons, anyone subject to a restraining order, or any “fugitive from justice.”

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The legislation also requires the elimination of a paper permit system that required applicants to submit registration paperwork in quadruplicate. As an added bonus, it would lay the groundwork for a website dedicated to selling firearms online.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signs bill overhauling gun carry rules

With this change, you’ll need four endorsements from people who aren’t related to you to receive a licence instead of three. Additionally, law enforcement personnel would need to interview them.

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The legislation also mandates further training in the form of classroom time, online training, and target practise. Permit carriers would also be mandated to carry liability coverage.

Carrying concealed weapons is prohibited in government offices, schools, voting sites, child care facilities, publicly owned parks and beaches, and several entertainment events.


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