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Home news Marietta Man Arrested After 'bizarre' Attempted House Invasion

Marietta Man Arrested After ‘bizarre’ Attempted House Invasion

This is COBB COUNTY, GA. Authorities in New Jersey say they apprehended a guy who tried to break into a home in a “bizarre” attack.

On Wednesday at 11:55 a.m., Harjit Singh, 32, of New Jersey allegedly knocked on the door of a home on North Saint Mary’s Lane while a couple was inside.

Singh attempted to break into the residence by shattering the glass door and surrounding area when the homeowners opened the door. We don’t know where the glass originated from.

Stranger arrested after ‘bizarre’ home invasion attempt in Marietta

Singh shattered the window, walked down the driveway, and defaced the mailbox before coming back to the house.

Singh smashed potted plants, a window, and a table on the front porch before returning to his failed effort to get into the house.Before police arrived, one of the victims fought Singh in the doorway. Singh picked up a shard of glass from the floor and used it to cut the victim across the side during the fight.
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Singh’s Hands and Feet Were Bloody when Police Arrived

Stranger arrested after ‘bizarre’ home invasion attempt in Marietta

In an effort to get Singh under control, police said they had to Tase him because he refused to comply with their directions.

A knife was present, but Singh chose not to use it during the assault. The statuses of both Singh and the victim are yet unknown.
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Invasion of a dwelling with intent to commit a felony, terroristic threats, obstruction, aggravated battery, and criminal damage to property in the second degree; all felonies.

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