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Five Men in Kentucky Could Be Fined a Lot of Money for Illegally Rigging and Baiting Fish.

Four Kentucky males and one New Jersey man were fined $70,000 for illegal guiding in Calloway County on December 13. Five individuals pleaded guilty to illegally guiding and baiting in a CWD surveillance zone.

Snipe Creek Outfitters owner Carl Doron, 64, of Murray, Kentucky, is the main offender, according to a KDFWR press release.

Snipe Creek’s accusations are Calloway County’s largest wildlife violation case in years, said to assistant attorney Casey Nabor. “It was tremendous here—one defendant had around 100 charges,” he said. “We hope this deters others.”

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Doron received 97 charges while his Snipe Creek employees Tyler Mitchell, Jefferey Ort, Jerry Smith, and John Sullivan received 38. Doron received the bulk of the fines—$50,500—and was sentenced to 360 days in jail, which he can avoid by meeting additional discharge criteria over the next two years.

Doron admitted to two counts of illegal baiting and guiding without a license. Calloway County is one of a few western Kentucky counties that prohibits bait-hunting deer and other wildlife. After CWD was found in Tennessee, Calloway, Fulton, Hickman, and Graves counties banned the practice in 2021.

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The news release states, “Although CWD has not been discovered in Kentucky, the proximity of the disease’s prevalence in northeastern Tennessee needs additional rules in these counties per Kentucky’s CWD response plan.”

Will Brantley, F&S Hunting Editor, runs a Calloway County outfitting operation in western Kentucky. “Disappointing. For years, I’ve utilized Carl Doron as a source and took editors hunting on his leased estates.

“Snipe Creek was a good enterprise once,” Brantley remarked. But many Calloway County hunters have suspected shady activities for years, and they were correct.

The true slap in the face is that these people pled guilty to all those counts of illegally guiding and baiting, but from what I hear, they merely paid the fines and continued to book clients and shoot deer all season. They’re booking hunts for 2023. If so, the sanctions are too light.”

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Calloway County conservation officer B.J. Morris leads the investigation. He informed Field & Stream that Doron has been a commercial guide without a license for two years. Morris said it took a year to build a good case.

“We wanted all our facts straight so that when I went to do my interviews with the other police [Doron] would know that we had what we needed and would be more forthright and honest with us.”

Morris said he cannot deny that Doron has guided clients for whitetail deer in western Kentucky after the latest accusations were filed against him. “I’ve received some calls about that, and there’s some material posted on Facebook,” Morris added.

“During the investigation, he recognized we were observing him and constructing a case on him, so he began attempting to get all his stuff together to get his guide’s license.”

Morris claims that Doron is still guided under the mistaken belief that his pending application is a valid license. “There’s a little bit of a grey area, he feels like he’s probably OK to operate since he’s given all his money in and he thinks he should be approved,” he added.

I can’t comment on his Frankfurt head office correspondence. I know his paperwork was processed, and we’re fixing it and telling him it won’t be approved. If I capture him again as a guide, he’ll get 360 days in county jail.”


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