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Star Wars Andor Release Date: Will Have Star Wars Andor?

Andor is a highly anticipated Rogue One prequel series that will premiere on Disney+ shortly, featuring Diego Luna as Rebel spy Cassian Andor and, no doubt, exploring a darker side of the Star Wars world.

It’s no surprise that additional live-action Star Wars programs are in the works after The Mandalorian’s massive success, and Andor is the one that’s been in the works the longest.

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What Is the Plot?

The new show will be a spy thriller about Cassian Andor, played by Diego Luna. It will take place five years before Rogue One when the Empire and the Rebellion were just starting to fight.

Star Wars: Andor Release Date

In a story on the cover of Vanity Fair, it was said that Cassian Andor’s home planet had been destroyed and that he didn’t want to join the Rebellion at first. The show will show how he changes into the person he becomes in Rogue One.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Luna said that he was looking forward to a story set before the first one. “You know how it ends, but you don’t know how it got there, and we have to deal with that challenge again.”

Who are the cast and crew?

As you may have predicted, Diego Luna will reprise his role as Cassian Andor. Alongside him will be Genevieve O’Reilly, who will reprise her role as Rebel commander Mon Mothma.

Stellan Skarsgard, Kyle Soller, and Denise Gough will join them, according to Variety. We do not yet know who the characters will be, since discussions are still ongoing; however, we will update this item whenever we get more information. Deadline reports that Good Omens actress Adria Arjona is the newest addition to the cast.

More rumours have surfaced regarding potential cast members. In a radio interview, Stellan Skarsgard acknowledged having worked with Forest Whitaker, who portrays Saw Gerrera. In addition, according to The Direct, villain Orson Krennic (portrayed by Ben Mendelsohn) will return.

Alan Tudyk will also reprise his role as the Imperial droid K2SO, although we won’t likely see him until the second season. Luna has also hinted that there would be further ‘familiar faces,’ thus it is possible that we could see additional Rogue One graduates.

Tony Gilroy (who previously worked on Rogue One) will serve as the showrunner and director of the series. Tony’s brother Dan (known for Nightcrawler), Stephen Schiff (known for The Americans), and Beau Willimon will serve as writers (known for House of Cards).

Star Wars: Andor Release Date

Deadline has also stated that Gilroy will not direct the first three episodes owing to travel restrictions connected to the virus. Instead, Toby Haynes will assume responsibility during his absence. Haynes has worked on Black Mirror, Sherlock, and Doctor Who previously.

Haynes took over for now because the first episodes are being shot in the UK. Gilroy will still be involved behind the scenes in a big way.

When Is the Andor Release Date?

Andor will premiere on Disney+ in Summer 2022, according to Disney. When Obi-Wan Kenobi is finished, we’ll most likely get a more firm publication date.
When it premieres, there will be twelve episodes, which will most likely air weekly, similar like The Mandalorian. The show might go for several seasons.

Alan Tudyk, who plays the snarky Imperial droid K2SO, has confirmed the story. According to Collider, he revealed in an interview that he won’t be in the first twelve episodes, but that he will still be on the programme.

Because the first season is just twelve episodes long, we may expect at least two more seasons of Andor. Disney has not yet responded to this.

Watch the Trailer

We don’t yet have a full trailer for the programme, but we do have a sizzle reel with lots of behind-the-scenes pictures and concept art that give us a taste of what to anticipate from Andor: The Dark World.

Where to Watch Andor?

Andor appears to be a Disney+ exclusive, meaning it will only be available on the streaming service. Disney+ costs £7.99/$7.99 per month for a rolling membership and £79.90/$79.99 for an annual pass at the time of writing. Here you may register for Disney Plus.

What Is Andor Going to Be About?

What is the plot of Andor? During the early years of the Rebellion and before the events of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the series recounts the exploits of rebel spy Cassian Andor. Andor will be played by Diego Luna again. “It’s really significant for me to return to the Star Wars world,” Luna added.

How Many Episodes Will Andor Be?

The 12-episode series is slated to premiere on Disney+ in the middle to late part of 2022. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was anticipated to appear in 2021. However, manufacturing has been postponed until 2022.


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