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After the Incident on Atlanta’s 17th Street Bridge, a Second Kid Was Killed

The shooting on the 17th Street bridge has claimed the life of a second kid, according to authorities. Atlanta police say six people were shot on Saturday night, including a 15-year-old named Cameron Jackson. According to their findings, his condition had been extremely dire.

This afternoon, the Atlanta Police Department will release an update on their investigation into the shooting that occurred earlier this morning.

Second child dies after shooting at 17th Street bridge in Atlanta

On Saturday night, police said they found the body of Zyion Charles, who had been shot on the 17th Street bridge. After exceeding a 3 p.m. curfew and displaying disruptive conduct, a group of children and teenagers were reportedly taken off the Atlantic Station grounds by security personnel.

The seventh-grader was killed and several were injured when gunfire were fired from a nearby bridge. Investigators have stated that the shootings appeared to be gang-related, although no arrests have been made.

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City officials made an appeal for community involvement in the battle against gun crime the day after the shooting. The 12-year-old boy’s family claims he was let down by the justice system.

At a news conference on Sunday morning, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens was joined by Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Lisa Herring and Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum to discuss the death of a 12-year-old boy in the city.

Zyion’s mom and grandma broke down in tears as they testified in front of the Atlanta City Council’s public safety committee on Monday. The boy’s problematic family had previously sought police intervention.

Deerica Charles, Zyion’s mother, said, “I called out for help,” in front of the council. I begged for it. Oh, I cried out for it, I swear to you.

Following an allergic reaction to the drug used to treat his mental disorder, Deerica Charles said Zyion altered. According to Zyion’s grandmother, he was forced to take part in vehicle break-ins by many older teenagers despite her pleas to the parents of those involved.

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Sandra Durden, the boy’s grandmother, told the council members on Saturday that Zyion was sleeping when she left the house. By the time she got back, he had already left.

Second child dies after shooting at 17th Street bridge in Atlanta

Then we received the phone call that Dad had passed away,” Durden stated.
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It has been said that Durden, like Zyion’s mother, attempted to get the youngster some help.

It’s too late to put him in jail, Durden said. “He’s out of it. Once again, we have been let down by the system. Again.” Wednesday, Zyion, a Kipp Soul Academy student, was still waiting for funeral arrangements.

The police department will hold a press conference at 3:30 p.m. There will be representatives from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution there.


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