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Season 2 ‘Battle on The Beach’ Winners Announced by HGTV!

Congratulations to our new champions of “Battle on the Beach!

” With just one more task to do, the second season of HGTV’s makeover competition came to a close. Three teams of up-and-coming home renovators will work tirelessly under the guidance of renowned mentors and design experts Taniya Nayak,

Ty Pennington, and Alison Victoria to complete weekly renovation challenges in three 1,500-square-foot seaside homes – each within a tight $80,000 renovation budget, as announced in a press release issued by HGTV. The team that enhances the worth of their home the most will win $50,000.

Baeumler Served as a Judges on This Season’s Show.

Roosevelt and Brandyn Chambers, father, and son from St. Louis, Missouri, collaborated with Nayak on the kid’s room challenge. A married couple from Ft. McMurray, Alberta in Canada named Paige and Corey Cyr won the kitchen and living room challenges thanks to the guidance of Victoria.

In the main suite and guest suite tasks, Pennington teamed up with pals Wally Remaley from Dallas, Texas, and Jacqueline Matoza from Las Vegas, Nevada. “Renovation Island” stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler served as judges on this season’s show.

How Much Money Will Be Spent on Battle on The Beach?

Season 2 'Battle on the Beach' Winners Announced by HGTV

On Hgtv’s Battle on The Beach, Three Teams of Two Are Given Three Similar Residences to Renovate.

The Duos Must Complete Weekly Renovation Projects in Their 1,500-Square-Foot Beachfront Property with The Help of Their Hgtv Mentor. An $80,000 Renovation Budget Is Allocated to Each Reno Couple.

The Cast of Battle on The Beach 2022 Has Been Revealed! Meet Them All!

Season 2 'Battle on the Beach' Winners Announced by HGTV

Prepared to Confront the Court of Public Opinion. the Three Battle on The Beach Teams Is Renovation Island’s Bryan and Sarah Baeumler. Roosevelt and Brandyn Chambers, a Father and Son Duo, Will Give the Competition Series They’re All in 2022.

It’s Chambers Development, Llc that They Run. You May Follow Them on Instagram Under the Username @stunningrenovations. Jacqueline Matoza and Wally Remaley, a Real Estate Investor and Contractor, Are the Second Pair on The Show. Instagram User Jacqueline Matoza Can Be Found There.
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Curiously Living’s Corey and Paige Cyr, a Married Pair, Will Also Appear on The Show. This Group of Canadians Hails from Alberta. Visit Their Instagram Page at @cyriously.Living to See More. Get to Know the Competition. Team Members and Hgtv Personalities Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, Who Will Serve as Judges for The Battle on The Beach 2022 Finals, Will Make up The Cast.

Who Is the Winner of Season 2?

Season 2 'Battle on the Beach' Winners Announced by HGTV

On the Show, There Are Also Three More Essential People Whose Opinions the Teams Can Rely On. Alison Victoria of Windy City Rehab, Ty Pennington of Rock the Block, and Taniya Nayak of Build It Forward Are the Competitors on Battle on The Beach.
The Other Houses Were Valued at Over $700,000 in The Appraisals.

There Was No Mention of Second and Third Place, but The Two Remaining Properties Sold for An Estimated $720,800 and A Whopping $769,000. Team Pennington’s Remaley Said, “I’m Glad It’s Over.” “it’s a Lot of Effort, and It’s Exhausting.” There Isn’t Much Time Left. Yes, I’d Do It All Over Again. of Course, but I Need a Break from Work.”

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Who Did an Excellent Job?

Season 2 'Battle on the Beach' Winners Announced by HGTV

“I Think We Were This Close to Winning It and That’s What Stings the Most,” Said the “extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Star in A Confessional. Nonetheless, I Am Pleased for The Canadians, Who Did an Excellent Job.
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as, For the Father and Son, They Can’t-Wait to Get Home.

Roosevelt Gushed, “I’m Quite Proud of The House that We Put Together.” Son: “it Was a Terrific Experience, but We’re Ready to Go Home and Ready to Kick Some butt on The Projects We’ve Got Next!”

While They Did Not Win This Challenge, the “build It Forward” Contestants Took a Lot of Chances and Came up With a Wonderful Product, According to The Show’s Star. if They’re Anything Like Me, They’re Really Proud.”


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