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Saturn Retrograde 2022:Despite Mercury Retrograde Being Over, There Is Still a Lot of Doubt!

It’s about time you all gave yourselves a round of applause. Mercury retrograde, one of astrology’s most-discussed transits, has passed us by. When the Planet of Communication moves into Taurus on June 3, we hope that all of the technical snafus, misinterpretations, and confusing conversations will finally come to a stop.

Mercury’s retrograde ends on a sour note this time around, which isn’t all that unusual. According to Narayana Montfar, a senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, this time around the vibe won’t be super-positive. Because Mercury is going direct at the same time as Saturn in Aquarius is preparing to go retrograde, it’s going to be a difficult day.

That Participates in A Debate on Authority.

Montfar believes that dialogues about authority, profession, and any form of negotiation will be particularly tense at this time since both planets will be electrically supercharged.
According to Leslie Hale, a psychic astrologer at, this square between Saturn and Mercury previously occurred on April 24, before Mercury’s retrograde.

During Mercury retrograde, she notes, “themes tend to repeat themselves,” so look back at this date.

When caution and negative ideas are restrained and contained, “you can accomplish a great lot at this time,” says the narrator. It’s critical to maintain order not only in your physical surroundings but also in your mental ones. Observe your own challenges in April and identify what you can do about them, then get to work on solving them.

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Taurus Is No Longer Ruled by Mercury.

A true return to normalcy will not occur until Mercury leaves Taurus and enters Gemini on June 13, according to Montfar.

saturn retrograde 2022

All the initiatives and agreements that have been put on hold will now begin to move forward, according to her. “Mercury in Gemini and Jupiter in Aries makes a sextile on June 20, which is a great day to close transactions. New and fascinating ideas are bound to spring out over the next year or two as the wind blows us in our direction.”

According to Kalina Trifonova, an astrologer at Nebula, this Mercury retrograde era will be a time of great social growth. Her advice: “We can expect to grow spiritually, to encounter uncomfortable events that bring us out of our comfort zone, and compel us to work rather than rely entirely on luck.
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” “It will run more smoothly if we are open to change and progress. Gradual progress is preferable to a life lesson that compels us to learn, which can be a painful experience.” Mercury direct isn’t having the best start, but if you’re willing to be open and trust the process, things will get better.

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“planet of Communications”

The 27th of June, when Mercury in Gemini makes a sextile to Chiron in Aries, is also a good day. There will be a healing effect from the retrograde, according to Montfar. Chiron’s healing energy will help us overcome our scars and insecurities on this day, she explains.

During a retrograde, you’ll be forced to go back and reevaluate everything you’ve done and rethink everything you’ve done. In Hale’s words, “We can now move forward with greater clarity and confidence because we have taken the time to stop, look, and listen to our inner voice.” Personal realignment with the world and even a sense of fulfillment with things we’ve changed or evaluated may be occurring at this point in time.”

Do not worry about the two remaining Mercury retrogrades in 2022 – we have made it through previously and we will do it again. “Your inner garden has been cultivated and cleansed, and now it’s time to move on once more,” Hale explains. Asking the question “What have you learned, and what are you going to implement?
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