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HomenewsSailors From New Jersey and Their Dog Were Found Safe at Sea...

Sailors From New Jersey and Their Dog Were Found Safe at Sea After 10 Days.

On Wednesday, two men who had been missing at sea for days were reunited with their families in New York.

A commercial ship from Amsterdam and the U.S. Coast Guard came to their rescue.

From New Jersey to Florida, 65-year-old Kevin Hyde and 76-year-old Joe Ditomasso sailed with their small poodle, Minnie.

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Everything seemed to be going swimmingly until Hyde and Ditomasso didn’t check in with family for a week, so they notified the Coast Guard on a Sunday.

The Coast Guard conducted searches from Miami to Cape Cod and notified passing ships of their findings.

The next day, the men were noticed by a ship transporting petroleum from Amsterdam to New York, but their boat had no fuel and no electricity.
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“We were completely out of water.
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The only way we could acquire water was by sapping it out of the pipes that carried it and by slicing them. After two days without water, “A quote from Ditomasso.

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The buddies report that everything was “hunky dory” on the journey up until a massive storm knocked their mast over. Because of that, they were blown off course and driven further out to sea.

They are really appreciative of the rescue and are looking forward to spending the holidays with their loved ones.

“Because my dad frequently misplaces his phone and its charger, we weren’t really concerned at first. All of us were thinking, “Oh, what a typical father.” “A daughter said.

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“So, naturally, there are a lot of questions, and I have no doubt that my father will be filling in the details of this story for many years to come. Above all, we are relieved and grateful that he is okay “An additional daughter was added.


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