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New York Pup Swims the Hudson River to New Jersey After Getting Away from Its Owner

After escaping his owner in New York City, a puppy swam across the Hudson River to New Jersey and was rescued several days later.

Bear, a Leonberger-Bernese mountain mix, was six months old on Saturday when his owner Ellen Wolpin yanked on his leash to get him away from traffic while they were walking in Manhattan, as reported by Fox 5 News. Narcan Saves a Puppy from A Fentanyl Overdose, Used by The Firefighters.

Ruff seas: New York puppy escapes owner, swims across Hudson to New Jersey

The dog, who had only been acquired a few days prior, bravely slipped out of his collar after being pulled and made a break for it.
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Bear evaded onlookers who were trying to apprehend him and made it to the Hudson River, where he plunged in and swam a mile to New Jersey. Leonbergers have a remarkable ability to swim.

Bear’s location were unknown for a number of days while he was on the run. After that, no one saw him again until early Tuesday morning, when a worried citizen reported a wailing dog to the Edgewater Police Department around midnight. The police told the media source that they discovered Bear trapped under the pier at Independence Harbor and the Hudson River Walkway.

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Several police officers, fire fighters, and even a fireman naval vessel launched a rescue attempt. The rescuers had to persuade the terrified dog into their boat, and Bear had to hop from one concrete pylon to the next until he was finally caught.

On Tuesday, the heroic efforts of Edgewater Fire Company #1 were publicised in a Facebook post. “Warning: This is a happy story.
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Just now, bright and early, we pulled this little fella out from under the Independence Harbor pier “This was what the post said.

Tom Quinton, one of the firefighters who snatched the dog, related the story to WISN. “The two men in the water only remained behind him to lure him toward the boat, while he waited calmly. I snatched him up by the nape of his neck and threw him overboard “What he had to say was. “It’s a fantastic feeling, especially the second time we went back to seek for him,” they said.

Firefighters fed the dog and transported him to the vet, where he was given a clean bill of health before being returned to his shocked owner.

Ruff seas: New York puppy escapes owner, swims across Hudson to New Jersey

Wolpin told the media source, “I felt he was gone for good, we were so upset, distraught this weekend, we didn’t know what to do.”

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Wolpin acquired Bear to help her autistic kid get about. After being reunited, the family seems to be doing well.

The dog is a fighter, and so is my son, so together they make a terrific combo,” Wolpin said of his son. If you didn’t know better, you’d never guess that he had such an exciting experience.


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