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Robert Flaxman Net Worth: Co-Conspirator in The College Admissions Scandal Killed Themselves

This Monday, Robert Flaxman, who served time in prison for his involvement in Operation Varsity Blues, was officially pronounced dead. After friends asked for a welfare check on the 66-year-old, cops located him. Flaxman, who along with many other Hollywood celebrities was found guilty in 2019, committed suicide and was discovered dead on October 20.

After pleading guilty to paying $75,000 to help his daughter get into college, the real estate agent was sentenced to one month in jail. According to TMZ, pals had asked for a welfare check last week. Police arrived to do a check, and they discovered Flaxman had committed suicide.
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What Was Robert Flaxman’s Net Worth?

Between $5 million and $17 million is the range of estimates for Flaxman’s net worth at the time of his passing. His real estate development company reportedly had a $600 million portfolio under its management prior to his arrest, according to The Real Deal.

robert flaxman net worth

The Daily Beast claims that Flaxman was a flamboyant real estate tycoon who occasionally went by the identity Robert Emerald, drove around in Rolls Royces, dated a Playboy model, and attended extravagant pool parties in Beverly Hills. The Los Angeles Times reported in 2020 that Flaxman sold off two of his nearby Beverly Hills mansions for $34 million after completing his prison term.

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The College Admissions Scandal

In the Varsity Blues incident, Flaxman was found guilty along with 47 other parents. Lori Loughlin from Full House and Felicity Huffman from Desperate Housewives were two other names mentioned. Flaxman acknowledged working with William Singer to fix his daughter’s ACT score so that she would be accepted to the University of San Francisco.

The daughter of Flaxman graduated earlier this year despite the legal dispute.

robert flaxman net worth

Following a month in jail and a year of probation, Flaxman entered a guilty plea. Along with this, he was also required to pay a $50,000 fine and perform 250 hours of community service. At the time, Flaxman told the Wall Street Journal that he made the payment in order for his daughter, who had previously struggled as a teenager, to continue on the right path. He believed that her enrollment in college would provide the structure she required.

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College Admissions Scandal Co-Conspirator Dead by Suicide

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office reports that Robert Flaxman, a 66-year-old real estate developer from Beverly Hills who admitted guilt to federal charges related to a widespread college admissions fraud three years ago, committed suicide in his Malibu home.

Flaxman was discovered dead at his home in the 3200 block of Serra Road at about 10:15 a.
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m. on October 20. He was involved in the same widespread admissions fraud that resulted in prison time for Lori Loughlin and Oscar-nominated actress Felicity Huffman. His suicide was determined to be the cause of death by the coroner’s office, according to a report published by The Real Deal on Wednesday.

robert flaxman net worth

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In 2019, Flaxman’s involvement in a plot involving scandal mastermind Rick Singer gained headlines. For his part in the “Varsity Blues” controversy, Flaxman was given a month in prison and a year of supervised release by a federal judge in Boston in October 2019. Along with performing 250 hours of community service, he was also required to pay a $50,000 fine.

In April of that year, Flaxman entered a guilty plea to two federal counts of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. Prosecutors allege that Flaxman plotted with Singer and others to have his daughter’s ACT exam revised, boosting the score falsely starting in 2016.


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