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Parents Want Charter Schools Because Schools Are for Kids, Not for Unions. Wake Up, Politicians!

Mayor Eric Adams, who should be fighting for the city’s children, is joining state legislators and union officials in fearmongering about charter-school expenditures.

Charter schools will never cost $1 billion more, yet the ludicrous narrative against them continues. Since district schools spend more per student than the charter schools New Yorkers demand, outlays should be cut.

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Asian New Yorkers want charter schools. Blacks, Hispanics, and whites in NYC do too. Gov. Kathy Hochul’s budget proposal to allow additional charter schools in New York City was hailed by families wanting better options as public district schools have been more brazen about dumbing down standards.

At a parents’ gathering, you’ll hear concerns about district schools, sorrow over the limited options, and stories of how they or their friends left the system for charter schools, parochial schools, private schools, or outside the city.

City charter schools outperform district schools in English and math by 88% and 91%, respectively.

Nearly two-thirds of New York City parents support charter schools and want the cap loosened, according to a survey. District-school enrollment continues to fall while charter enrollment rises.

Demand eventually necessitates charter cap removal. Hochul’s short-term initiatives should ease the pressure. Bringing 85 upstate allocations to the city and reallocating 21 “zombie” franchises will create dozens of additional charter schools.

Some charters were approved by the State University of New York but were unable to launch due to the cap could offer spaces fast.

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Hochul’s idea defies the powerful teachers union, making it extraordinary. Union bosses oppose charter schools because most are not unionized.

The day after Hochul presented her plan, prominent education state Sens. Shelley Mayer, John Liu, and Robert Jackson opposed it.

City Hall rallied. Interestingly, Mike Mulgrew, UFT president, denounced it. The main concern was that more charter schools would take resources from district schools under the municipal funding model, which follows kids.

That’s a subterfuge to safeguard union jobs.

A student who leaves a poor district school for a charter school does not “divert” resources any more than if he left for another public school. Only the first is denounced because it harms union jobs.

Charter schools are public schools, therefore students and funds stay in the system. Charter schools retain students and funding that might otherwise leave the public education system, city, or state.

Failing district schools are the issue, not pupils leaving. Learn from charter schools!

Asian Americans in New York value good charter schools. Asian Americans with Confucian values who oppose Marxist-Communism value meritocracy’s ability to unite various peoples. They favor testing and excellence over participation rewards and dumbing down.

They emphasize duty and responsibility over narcissism, fragility, and entitlement. They respect learning, work, and patience. Asian high-schoolers spend twice as much time on schoolwork each week as white kids and four times as much as black youngsters.

Parents Want Charter Schools Because Schools Are for Kids, Not for Unions. Wake Up, Politicians!

In district schools, these ideas are openly derided, condemned as abnormal, and addressed via “social-emotional learning”—a sort of medicalization.

Successful charter schools support Asian-American ideals. Asian communities desire charter schools too.

Be brave. Budget negotiations use charter schools as leverage. Legislators dread union fury. However, the union has shown more self-interest in recent years, prompting families and taxpayers to say: Enough, we’re leaving, we’re voting with our feet and taxes. A new budget is needed!

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Elected politicians, especially those standing shoulder-to-shoulder with union bosses, must remember taxpayers fund schools to serve students, not unions.

After that, they can only fund additional charter schools. Legislators, the mayor, and the governor must step up for New York families.

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