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Orlando Brown Net Worth: Income, Bio, Career, Children, and Marital Status!

Orlando Brown is an actor, a rapper, and a musician from the United States. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, he was on a lot of shows that people remember.
He is well known for his roles in Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off, C Fillmore!, That’s So Raven, Waynehead, The Proud Family, and Major Payne, among others.

He has won the Young Artist Award for his role in the Disney show “That’s So Raven” throughout his career. Orlando has had problems with drugs in the past, but he has already started to get better.

Early Years of Brown’s Life

Orlando Brown was born on December 4, 1987, in Los Angeles, California. As a child who was interested in performing, his parents put him up for several parts. While still in primary school, he began to pursue a career in acting.

Career in Acting

Orlando made his acting debut as Cadet Kevin Tiger Dunne in the 1995 movie Major Payne. She provided a character’s voice for the movies Waynehead, The Tangerine Bear, and Clifford’s Puppy Days in addition to the TV shows.

In the 1996 television series Family Matters, he portrayed 3J Winslow. He shared the screen with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in the 1998 movie Two of a Kind. In the Disney movies Max Keeble’s Big Move, Eddie’s Million Dollar Picture, Bloody Hands, and That’s So Raven, he received the part.

Orlando Brown Net Worth: Income, Bio, Career, Children, and Marital Status!

His previous films include Bloody Hands, Straight Outta Compton, American Bad Boy, Inhumane Worker, Perfect Game, Maniac Magee, Suits on the Loose, Christmas in Compton, and Run Ya’ Pockets: A Political Economy Analysis of Crime Amongst Harlem Youths.

Numerous TV shows, including Moesha, Safe Harbor, The Proud Family, Filmore!, World Girl, The End, and Hell’s Kitchen, have included him in a few episodes. When Orlando quit working for Disney in 2007, he decided to focus on his music career.

Career in Music

Orlando participated in Disney Channel shows and cut several songs with the “Disney Channel Circle of Stars.” Circle of Life, Little By Little, A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, and the title song from “That’s So Raven” are a few of his well-known songs.

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Later in his post-Disney career, he started dabbling in rap and hip-hop, releasing albums like “Trade it All,” “No Fear,” “Picassos’ Nightmare,” and “Fuck My Fame.”

Orlando Brown Personal Life

Orlando is married to Danielle Brown, and they have a son named “Frankie.” He dated Omenia Alexander, but they broke up in 2016. He has also been addicted to both meth and cocaine.

Orlando Brown Wealth

Orlando Brown’s projected net worth in 2022 is around $20,000 As a child in the late 1990s, he began his acting career. His compensation ranged between $2,000 and $5,000 for his outstanding acting performance.

He has accomplished much in the entertainment world, including appearances in sitcoms and the production of a studio album.

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Orlando has been candid about his drug and mental health difficulties. Throughout the years, he has been arrested countless times. He had a terrible history, but in September 2020, he transformed his life by entering a treatment program, and he has since beaten his addiction.

Legal Issues and Arrests

In 2016, Orlando was charged with drug possession, domestic violence, and resisting arrest. In a police station parking lot, he struck his ex-girlfriend. He was revealed to have the stimulant methamphetamine at the time of the occurrence.

In the same year, Las Vegas police detained Orlando as he exited a hotel notorious for prostitution and illegal drug use and sale. He was charged with drug possession, drug paraphernalia possession, and resisting arrest. Brown was arrested after breaking into a Las Vegas restaurant and attempting to change the locks.

Following a family and friend intervention, he entered treatment. Shortly after his release, he was spotted wearing only his boxer shorts and carrying a box of wine while wandering down the street.


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