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NJ’s Oldest Bus Line Will No Longer Take People to And From NYC.

Starting next month, the wheels on New Jersey’s oldest bus line will stop going round and round.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people using DeCamp Bus Lines has been going down. In a letter to customers, the company said that starting April 7, they will only offer charter and casino services.

In 1870, DeCamp Bus Lines began as a stagecoach. It now has seven routes for commuters: 33, 66,/66R/44, 99, 88, 32, and 100.

The company said, “It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that DeCamp Bus Lines will stop commuting services to and from New York City.” “DeCamp Bus Lines has had a hard time getting back daily commuters since work-from-home, telecommuting, and flexible schedules have made it much harder for people to get to New York City every day.”

The average number of riders per month is less than or equal to 20% of what it was before COVID, the company said.

After the coronavirus outbreak ended, the company was able to keep going because of money from the state and federal governments. “But without more help on the way, the economic losses from keeping the commuter service running are too much to bear,” the company said.

Lastly, the company said it was “deeply grateful” for the continued support and loyalty of the public. “We are very sorry for any trouble this decision may cause…”

DeCemp told customers to contact NJ Transit for other bus routes. DeCamp bus tickets that have not yet expired can be returned for a refund.

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