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Nik Pelligrino and Brianna Chickenfry Have Broken up: View Latest Updates!

Brianna Chickenfry, whose actual name is Brianna LaPaglia, has already made an impression on the Barstool Sports audience after just a year with the company. Brianna was already well-known on TikTok before she joined Barstool, and her popularity has only grown since then. Brianna has now revealed that she and her boyfriend Nik had split up, both on TikTok and on her podcast.

Brianna is a web-based media personality who has quickly gained attention. Her TikTok account helped her gain popularity.
With the song Brianna Chicken Fry, she became viral. On TikTok, she usually offers interesting stuff for her viewers.

Brianna was also approached by Barstool Sports to collaborate with her because of the online media attention she has received. We need to learn more about the new well-known worker and her way of living in this town.

Why Did Brianna and Nik End Their Relationship?

Brianna began her podcast, PlanBri Uncut, in 2020 with the stated objective of assisting other young people as they traverse their twenties. Brianna shared information about her separation from Nik in a recent episode titled “Working on Myself.”

“We’ve determined that our relationship isn’t working right now,” she stated. “There are so many elements that go into it, and I feel like I owe it to you guys to explain and speak about it,” she says. She said, “We still love one other very deeply.” “It’s simply not the appropriate moment, and it’s not working, and if we keep going at this rate, it’ll just make things worse.” Anything we could have in the future will be ruined.”


“We haven’t said our last goodbyes, and Nik isn’t leaving New York.”

Brianna also said that the two of them had attempted to work on their relationship, but that the effort had eventually taken its toll on their mental health. As a consequence, they came to the conclusion that it would be best for them both if they just separated ways.

Brianna was bold to reveal information about their relationship on social media and on her podcast during their time together, and fans showered her with love and support once the news of their split broke.

Nik Pellegrino, Brianna Chicken Fry’s Boyfriend Brianna Chicken Fry is a TikTok celebrity renowned for her hilarious content videos. She started working with Barstool Sports using her own digital recording as well.
Nik Pellegrino, the popular powerhouse, is her boyfriend. The pair started dating in 2018 and have been quite public about their love.
Pellegrino was a linebacker in high school. He also completed high school at St. Edward, which was discovered.

They broadcast their relationship updates and images on social media platforms on a daily basis. Furthermore, the pair has been revered and supported by the public.

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What Is the Current State of Brianna’s Relationship?

Brianna acknowledged her separation from boyfriend Nik Pellegrino and explained the reasons for their breakup after they moved in together.

“I and Nik have concluded that our relationship just isn’t working right now,” she revealed in PlanBri Uncut episode 82, “Working on Myself.” There are so many elements that go into it, and I feel obligated to explain and discuss it since you guys were interested in us.”

“We very much still love one other,” she concluded in the show. It’s simply not the appropriate moment, and it’s not working, and continuing at our current pace would just make things worse. It would sabotage all we could have in the future.”
“We’re not totally saying our goodbyes, and Nik isn’t leaving New York,” she continued.

Brianna said that she and Nik attempted to repair their relationship, but it eventually took a toll on their mental health, so they chose to part for the time being.

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On Tik Tok, Fans Expressed Their Support.

Under her TikTok video announcing the split, one fan remarked, “Sending you to love Miss Chickenfry.”

“This is the most surprising news I’ve heard in a long time,” she says “added another

“We are here for you, Miss Chickenfry, and we adore you, “a third individual wrote

Fans were clearly stunned by the news and supportive of Brianna in her efforts to mourn and move on from the relationship. Brianna may no longer have her relationship with Nik to draw on, but she still has a connection with her listeners and fans, as strange as that may seem. They won’t be able to replace a romantic relationship’s true collaboration, but they could be able to alleviate the agony.


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