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New York City Homebuyer’s Assistance Program (Homefirst): Because Having a Safe Place to Live is a Basic Human Right, We Are Offering Grants of Up to $100,000 to Those Who Qualify.

With the rising costs of living in New York City, home buying may be a stressful experience.

When you’re trying to feed a family of four, five, six, or more on a tight budget, it’s already a challenging undertaking. Naturally, you’ll want to provide a comfortable life for everyone, but given the constraints of the budget, that may not be realistic for many of you.
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The first problem is that it will take too long to find the perfect house. After that, you will be frustrated by the city’s excessive documentation requirements. No one will let you into the new house without it.

The HomeFirst Down Payment Assistance Program is an excellent resource for qualified homebuyers in need of financial assistance with their down payment.

The Homefirst Loan and Grant Program: an Overview

It’s a one-of-a-kind program that can help you receive up to $100,000 to use as a down payment or closing cost assistance in New York City. If you’re in financial need and you think you meet the requirements for this program, you can apply for it.

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  • Now is the moment to make your first New York City real estate purchase.
  • You have graduated from an HPD-approved counseling agency’s homebuyer education program.
  • You are able to make a down payment and/or pay associated closing charges because you have saved up.
  • As a minimum, you have the financial wherewithal to make a down payment of 3%.

The procedure for applying is easy and uncomplicated.


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