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New Jersey’s Used Car Lemon Law and How It Works

Some vehicles just weren’t meant to work. But do you have the patience to put in your own labor to get reimbursed?

New Jersey has the nation’s greatest Lemon Law. One may only benefit, though, by truly learning the rules.

Am I Eligible for New Jersey’s Lemon Law?

The state’s Lemon Law covers new cars, motorcycles, and motorhomes, including leased ones.

The new or used vehicle is within two years of purchase and 24,000 miles, has a manufacturer defect that an authorized dealer can’t repair after three or more efforts, or is in the shop for at least 20 days, and that defect seriously impairs the vehicle’s usage, value, and safety.

If you open a claim and check each box, the vehicle maker must verify that the vehicle is not a lemon.

New Jersey Lemon Law Claims to File.

Whether you try to take on the manufacturer on your own, or you seek aid, the process is practically free.

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“The problem you have is, the vehicle makers don’t go alone. They have their lawyers and they’ll take their experts,” said Bob Silverman, founding partner of Kimmel & Silverman, the state’s oldest Lemon Law company. “Going alone is risky.”

For Paperwork, Keep Good Records of Car Repair Attempts.

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs requires a “last chance” notice to start the state’s arbitration process.

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“The notice may be sent after two repair attempts for the same condition have failed, or after the vehicle has been out of service for a total of 20 days (45 days for a motor home),” the Division’s handbook states.

The manufacturer has 10 days to fix the car from the certified mail return receipt.

Prove the manufacturer got the warning. Send the letter by certified mail with a return receipt.

Your application would then be reviewed. If it’s approved to progress, you’ll have to send in a $50 filing fee, which would be returned if you win your case.

New Jersey’s Second-best Statute Gives Drivers Free Legal Assistance. Defendants Pay Fees.

“If you submit your Lemon Law claim and we accept your case, you won’t pay anything out of pocket, win or lose,” Silverman’s website states. These fee-shifting provisions provide consumers equal footing against multi-billion dollar automakers.


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