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HomenewsNew Jersey Ranks Highly For Online Shopping Scams!

New Jersey Ranks Highly For Online Shopping Scams!

Anti-scam service Social Catfish predicts a record year for online fraud against U.S. citizens in 2022. It is anticipated that Americans will spend a staggering $209.7 billion purchasing online, with a staggering $394 million falling victim to online shopping frauds.

Online sales are expected to more than double from their 2018 total of $124 billion to $209 billion by 2022. With 74.1 complaints per 100,000 consumers, New Jersey is ranked 18th in the nation for the most reported scams. As a result of shame, many New Jersey residents who have been cheated keep quiet about it.

It’s a widespread problem that affects everyone from millennials to seniors, yet most millennials in New Jersey never admit being the victim of an internet scam, so most people just ignore it and pretend it doesn’t happen to them.
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Some of the most common and pervasive frauds that we all need to watch out for are listed here. Cons to watch out for include:

Gambling Card Scams

Swindlers prey on the enthusiasm both children and adults have for trading cards by offering offers that are too good to be true. They’re not real, they’ll steal your money (sometimes at a lower price than the published trusted source),

New Jersey Ranks Highly For Online Shopping Scams!

and the thing you receive will likely be damaged or overused. The best place to get gaming cards is through a reputable gaming store or website.

Cost of $100 Gift Card for Only $50

In no way should you even acknowledge or think about accepting the offer. Not a bargain at all. You and I can’t be on equal terms if you give me $100 and I give you back $50, saying that we’re even. Put it out of your mind.

New Jersey Ranks Highly For Online Shopping Scams!

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 Christmas Puppy Scam

It’s getting close to Christmas, and you decide, “Okay, this year I’m going to get a puppy for the kids.” You find a fantastic offer online and are asked to send money in order to have your dog in time for the holidays. If the puppy doesn’t show up after you send the money, consider yourself unlucky.

New Jersey Ranks Highly For Online Shopping Scams!

If you want a puppy and have peace of mind that it has received proper medical care, it is best to adopt one from a rescue or other trustworthy organization. Then you should immediately hand over the cash and bring home the puppy, making everyone (especially the kids) very happy.

False Shipping Practice

As problems go, this is a doozy. If you’re anything like me, you order a ton of boxes and constantly check your inbox for shipping updates. Scammers capitalize on our curiosity about items in transit by sending phishing emails purporting to provide tracking information and directing us to “click here” to reveal sensitive personal information.

New Jersey Ranks Highly For Online Shopping Scams!

Order numbers should be written down so that they can be matched up with other pieces of information later. Check the package’s whereabouts directly on the site of the shipping company. You should use caution around this one.

Revenue Generation Through Social Media

Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, and the like are all popular targets for phishers. These are “amazing offers,” as they put it. Avoid being duped by the many phony websites that have been set up.

New Jersey Ranks Highly For Online Shopping Scams!

Don’t stray too far from what you know to be true, and instead, rely on trusted publications and information. Have fun finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, and please exercise extreme caution when buying online. One hopes you like your buying experience.


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