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New Jersey Has Reported 22 Deaths and 1,891 Cases of C. O. V. I. D. The Number of Deaths and New Cases Has Not Decreased.

On Wednesday, New Jersey health officials announced 1,891 new cases of COVID-19 and 22 confirmed deaths.

The state average for positive tests over the past week is 1,886, up 7% from the week before and up 37% from the previous month.

In comparison to the seven-day average of 3,720 positive tests beginning on December 13, 2021, this is still significantly lower.

For the third day in a row, the statewide transmission rate was 1.
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12, down from 1.44 on Friday. If the transmission rate is 1, the number of cases has stabilized, and if it’s greater than 1, the outbreak is growing.

As of Tuesday night, 70 out of the 71 hospitals in the state had reported patients with confirmed or probable coronavirus cases, totaling 1,367 people.
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The number of patients has increased steadily since February. There are currently 160 patients in intensive care, with 57 of them on ventilators.

Community levels of COVID-19 are now considered “high” by the CDC in Bergen, Hudson, and Passaic counties. There are “medium” transmission levels in the state’s remaining 18 counties.

The last time state health officials reported the positivity rate for tests was on November 26th, when it was 10.96%.

Positive test prevalence rates in excess of 10% are considered “high” by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

On January 1st, at the height of the omicron variation, the statewide positive rate in New Jersey peaked at 40.83 percent and has since dropped significantly.

Sum of the Figures

Since March 4, 2020, when it declared the first known case of COVID-19, New Jersey has reported over 2.4 million verified cases.

New Jersey has registered 452,075 probable cases, indicated by positive antigen or quick tests. Numerous additional cases exist outside of the official tally, such as those confirmed by positive at-home tests.

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With a population of 9.2 million people, California has reported 35,290 deaths due to COVID-19, including 32,174 verified deaths and 3,116 probable deaths.

As of last Friday, New Jersey has the tenth-highest rate of coronavirus-related deaths per 100,000 residents in the United States, trailing only Mississippi, Oklahoma, Arizona, West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Michigan.

Shortcodes for Immunizations

Vaccination rates in Garden State are so high that more than 7.1 million individuals who call it home, go to school here, or work here are now considered to be fully protected.

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Since the immunizations began on December 15, 2020, more than 8 million people have gotten their initial dosage.

More than 95% of the state’s boosters have been distributed.

Data on Long-term Care

According to the most up-to-date state data, at least 9,883 of the state’s COVID-19 deaths have occurred in nursing homes and other long-term care institutions.

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According to the most recent statistics, there are currently 8,433 confirmed cases among residents at 362 facilities, and 5,628 confirmed cases among staff.

Numbers From Around the World

There have been almost 650 million cases of COVID-19 documented worldwide, as shown by data from the coronavirus database at Johns Hopkins University.

The findings suggest that over 6.65 million lives have been lost to the virus. There have been more than 99 million documented cases in the United States, and at least 1.08 million deaths.


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