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HomenewsNew Jersey Eatery Prohibits Children Under 10 from Dining There.

New Jersey Eatery Prohibits Children Under 10 from Dining There.

Here’s a hot-button topic if there ever was one: a restaurant in New Jersey bans children under the age of ten, garnering headlines for their decision. While many people agree with the restaurant’s decision, others believe it is an attempt to exclude children from society.

Last week, Nettie’s House of Spaghetti shared on Facebook that accommodating child customers had become “very difficult.” Therefore, unless your youngster is 10 or older and well-behaved, they are no longer welcome at Nettie’s.

“We love kids. We honestly do,” the post’s introduction states. However, accommodating youngsters at Nettie’s has been exceedingly difficult as of late.
“Between noise levels, lack of space for high chairs, cleaning up outrageous messes, and the liability of children running around the restaurant, we’ve decided to take control of the problem.”

I can appreciate all sides of this issue. As a former server and bartender, I can tell you that, in addition to receiving tips of less than 20%, one of the most stressful and annoying aspects of the job was having to carry heavy food and drink platters while children ran amok.

Regarding teaching children how to adhere to the social compact, I am a member of the “we must teach children to adapt to the world, because the world will not adapt for our children” school. (However, when it comes to accommodating people with disabilities, this country has a long way to go and can and should do better.)

However, as someone who has travelled extensively abroad, I believe this is a uniquely American problem. Because literally everywhere else, children are welcome at every tavern and restaurant under the sun without a second thought. It has always been a part of European culture, and Europeans generally know how to act.

And even if they are not completely in line (since children are not machines), their presence is welcomed and not reviled. In Ireland, for instance, it is not uncommon for a family of five to enjoy live music at the local bar until 10 p.m. as children aged 1 to 12 dance and eat fish and chips.

Based on my experience, similar situations exist in Canada, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Children are not excluded from experiencing joy, but rather invited into it.

It is comparable to people’s dislike of wailing newborns on aircraft. This is an American complaint, period.

However, your children should never feel empowered to run about a restaurant, unless it is owned by Charles Entertainment Cheese. It is not safe for them, and it is surely not safe for the restaurant’s employees.

Nettie’s said in their article, “This decision was not made lightly, but recent circumstances have compelled us to impose this new policy.” “As of March 8, the day we return from winter break, children under the age of 10 will no longer be permitted to dine in the restaurant. We realise this will anger some of you, especially those with really well-behaved children, but we believe this is the best move for our business moving ahead.”

In the comments area, numerous individuals expressed their support, with many noting the safety concern. Numerous other individuals centred themselves in the scenario, regretting how much children disrupt their own meal experiences, etc. (Listen, if you can’t enjoy a fillet and cabernet with your date because young Timmy at the table next to you is watching Blippi on his father’s smartphone, that’s your issue.)

Regardless of how you feel about this decision and similar ones, it is evident that Nettie’s did not reach this conclusion lightly.

Follow-up remark from Nettie’s: “It’s become a liability for us—kids running around the restaurant in circles while we’re attempting to carry platters of food and drinks has made our jobs incredibly tough.”

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