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HomenewsMurphy Discusses the Return of Mandatory Student Masking in Three School Districts.

Murphy Discusses the Return of Mandatory Student Masking in Three School Districts.

PATTERSON, N.J. – This week, local school districts across the state reinstated forced mask mandates for students, employees, and professors, taking children in Patterson and Passaic back to the year 2020.

The Paterson public school system is the fourth largest in New Jersey, serving 25,000 pupils.

On Tuesday, schools in Camden, New Jersey, reinstituted their face-covering policies. On December 21st, schools in the Passaic district began enforcing face masks for students. On the same day, Paterson and Camden followed suit. Camden is home to about 6,800 learning young adults.

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But Governor Phil Murphy has indicated that the current political climate prevents a restoration to a mandatory mask law in the state.

We don’t want to mandate things we can’t enforce, and I don’t think the market can handle it,” the governor remarked over the holidays.
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Eileen Shafer, the superintendent of the Paterson public schools, said that students had to wear masks again to prevent the spread of illness.

The number of people sickened by COVID-19 has remained low, according to state and federal health records, when compared to numbers recorded in December 2021 and January 2022.

In January of last year, there were a total of 28,000 cases reported in the state. On January 1st across the country, there were only 3,400 reported incidents.

Since April, when cases first began to rise in New Jersey, there have been between eight and twelve deaths each day due to COVID-19. In the state of New Jersey, the transmission rate is 1.08.

The most recent mask regulations, in contrast to those that came before them, aim to do more than only stop the transmission of COVID-19; they also aim to stop the spread of respiratory viruses like RSV and the seasonal flu.

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Governor Murphy re-entered the debate over the mandatory school mask policy on Monday.

There won’t be any new mandates in New Jersey, Governor Christie assured reporters. To paraphrase, “I think people should just use their common sense and do the fundamental stuff like get vaccinated, get boosted, if you’re not feeling well, obviously if you test positive, take yourself off the field,” and “that to me remains the appropriate sensible, common-sense counsel.
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