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HomenewsMurphy Appoints Two New BPU Members to Succeed Gordon and Solomon.

Murphy Appoints Two New BPU Members to Succeed Gordon and Solomon.

The New Jersey Globe has confirmed that Governor Phil Murphy will not reappoint Bob Gordon and Dianne Solomon to the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, instead nominating a member of his senior staff and a Basking Ridge attorney to replace them.

Gordon will be replaced by Christine Guhl Sadovy, the governor’s cabinet secretary. Before joining the governor’s office, she was chief of staff at the BPU and legislative and political director at Planned Parenthood. Previously, she served as the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal Campaign representative.

Murphy has chosen Marian Abdou to replace Solomon, the wife of New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Lee Solomon.

Gordon resigned from the State Senate in 2018 following his appointment to the BPU by Murphy.

Gordon told the New Jersey Globe, “I feel privileged to have helped the governor advance innovative clean energy policies, and I look forward to continuing to shape policy in the next chapter of my career.”

Abdou is the senior managing counsel at NRG Energy and was previously an attorney at Hess Corporation. She was an attorney at several New York firms.

Former Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg (R-Medford) was nominated by Murphy to replace Solomon in April 2022, but State Senator Jean Stanfield (R-Westhampton) has refused to endorse her nomination. He is withdrawing Rodriguez-nomination. Gregg’s

A former Democratic assemblyman from Somerset County, BPU Commissioner Upendra Chivukula was also removed from his position by Murphy in 2017. His choice, Zenon Christodoulou, vice chair of the Democratic Party in Somerset, was swiftly confirmed by the Senate.

Murphy and Senate President Nicholas Scutari are discussing a replacement for Morris County Republican BPU Commissioner Mary-Anna Holden.

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