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HomenewsMore Young New Jersey Residents Develop Heart Problems.

More Young New Jersey Residents Develop Heart Problems.

An increasing number of relatively young New Jersey residents seek medical attention for heart-related issues.

According to Dr. John Hamaty of AtlantiCare Physician Group Cardiology, this is the case.

He stated, “We’re definitely seeing a younger demographic, and these are the 25-to-40-year-olds that we didn’t see much of before.”

He stated that doctors are suddenly dealing with “young people with palpitations, new-onset hypertension, and obesity.”

Why Is This Happening?

He suggested that the stress and anxiety associated with dealing with COVID for the past three years could be a factor, but that there may be a simpler and more direct explanation that is also related to the pandemic.

When COVID first began to spread, society was essentially shut down, according to Hamaty: “we took these active people who were working and going to the gym and made them sit at home.”

According to him, there is an abundance of evidence that people of all ages do not fare well when they are inactive, that is, when they spend most of their time sitting without moving or exercising.

The More You Move the Longer You Live

“Functional capacity is all that matters; the more you move, the longer you live,” he said.

There are no hard clinical data yet, but he believes the risk of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes will increase because men and women aged 35 are presenting with “new-onset high blood pressure, palpitations, and chest pain” because they have been sitting, eating poorly, and not being physically active.

He strongly suggests beginning or resuming a gradual exercise programme, which can be centred on walking and biking if a person does not wish to go to a gym.

Hamaty stated that it is essential to consume an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while consuming olive oil in moderation and sleeping enough at night.

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