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Madonna Breakup? After Three Years of Dating, Ahlamalik Williams Announced Their Breakup!

The UK Sun claimed Tuesday that Madonna and her lover, Ahlamalik Williams, had split up after three years of dating. “After the separation, Madonna has plunged herself into a hectic social life, meeting her friends and family,” a source told the site.

“She has a full plate with her impending biography, new songs, and caring for her family.” According to the source, the now-ex-couple parted amicably after being “on and off” for a time. “They are still on good terms and there are no hard feelings,” the source stated, revealing that Williams had moved out of Madonna’s home.

“When someone in your life is not suited for you… God will continue to use them to harm you until you grow strong enough to let them go,” Madonna stated, referring to their breakup. According to sources, the former couple’s relationship ended not because of their 35-year age difference. They just grew apart during the lockdown, it was reported.

What Is the Career of Ahlamalik Williams?

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Ahlamalik Williams, Madonna’s lover, is a choreographer and a dancer. After graduating from high school, the 27-year-old from Sacramento, California, relocated to Las Vegas to seek a career as a dancer. His first significant dance assignment was with Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson: One Show in 2013.

He also dances with the Raw By Nature team. He is most recognized for his work as a Madonna backup dancer. Ahlamalik has 158,000 followers on Instagram, where he goes by the handle @ahla malik.

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Their Breakup

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Ahlamalik auditioned for a backup dancer spot on Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour in 2015. He became popular and started playing at all of Madonna’s concerts. However, they did not begin dating until three years later. When he rejoined Madonna for her Madame X Tour in 2018, it was presumed that they were dating. They’ve been routinely sharing images of one other on Instagram since then.

When They Are First Time Dating?

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Because of their 36-year age difference, Madonna and Ahlamalik’s romance was first chastised. Ahlamlik’s parents, on the other hand, have been vocal in their support for him. “Love has no age,” Drue, his father, told TMZ in 2019. “I’m simply glad for my kid who is living the good life.” They’ve been dating for over three years and look to be more in love than ever.

After Three Years of Dating, Madonna and Her Lover Ahlamalik Williams Have Broken Up.

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The two began dating in 2019, and Madonna routinely posted images of him on social media. They haven’t been seen together since January, according to acquaintances, and they have peacefully split up. “Madonna has been visiting her friends and relatives following the separation,” a source stated. She’s had a lot on her plate with her impending biography, new songs, and taking care of her family.

“With Ahlamalik, things had been on and off for some time. There is a lot of love between them, but they have chosen to split for the time being.” They are still on good terms and have no harsh sentiments toward one another, but they are at different stages of their life. He moved out of her house after spending months on tour and in lockdown with her.
“Keeping their relationship alive was difficult with them both working on various projects.”

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When They Made Their Romance Public.

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The “Express Yourself” singer started to “flame up” for Williams’ love when they made their romance public. Over time, she became closer to him, and she even took him to Italy with her children. Lourdes, 25, and Mercy, 16, twins Stella and Estere, 9, and boys Rocco, 21, and David, 16, are Madonna‘s offspring.

“I didn’t choose to, you know, I didn’t put down on a piece of paper, ‘I’m going to have a relationship with a younger guy,'” Madonna said in 2012. “I don’t want to be alone in my life.” I adore being a mom. My children fill me up and inspire me in a variety of ways, but I need a partner in my life, as I believe most people need.” “I’ve never really led a traditional life,” she said, “so I think it’s very ridiculous for me or anybody else to believe that I’ll start making conventional decisions.”


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