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Ashley Darby and Her Husband Michael, from The Real Housewives of Potomac, Have Split Up| View Updates!

Ashley Darby and her husband, Michael, have called it quits on The Real Housewives of Potomac. Ashley has announced that the couple is officially separated with plans to divorce after almost eight years of marriage. After years of adultery suspicions, a breakdown in trust between Ashley and Michael, according to a source close to the marriage, was the last straw. Ashley Darby of The Real Housewives of Potomac stated Tuesday through Instagram that she and her husband Michael Darby — one of the franchise’s most contentious spouses — are divorcing after eight “wonderful years” together.

“When Michael and I said “I do” about eight years ago, we planned on spending every day of our lives together after that.

Sadly, that is not the case right now.

We’ve made the decision to part ways “In a statement to RHOP network Bravo’s Daily Dish blog, the 33-year-old stated she had two children with the 62-year-old Australian billionaire and real estate developer.
She expected the couple’s age difference and “too much intrusion by reality TV” to be mentioned in the aftermath of their breakup, admitting that those factors “may have affected our pure love for each other,” but Darby insisted that their different visions for their lives as a couple were at the root of their decision to split.

One month later, Michael’s charges were dropped. “The case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence,” Ramon Korionoff, a spokesperson for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, told Us in October 2018. “The complaining witness states there were no witnesses who actually saw the incident.”

The couple is concentrating on maintaining a strong co-parenting relationship for their two children.

In Virginia, Ashley filed for divorce. Ashley moved out of their shared apartment for six months in Season 3 before reuniting, however, the initial separation was not official. The couple has had two boys, Dean, two, and Dylan, one, since their reconciliation.


Despite no longer being in a relationship, Ashley says their main priority now is raising their children together. “We also know that genuine happiness can only be found by continuing to work together and dedicating our hearts and souls to raising our two beautiful sons, Dean and Dylan,” she added in a statement. “They will always feel cherished and supported since they were actually formed out of love,” says the author.

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Michael Darby’s unreliability, according to Ashley Darby, is what pushed her away.

Many Bravo Daily Dish viewers were not shocked when Ashley revealed her and Michael’s breakup in a statement. From the start, the couple has struggled with issues such as their enormous age gap, cultural difficulties, and, of course, adultery. Ashley, on the other hand, has never abandoned Michael.


Ashley has lost faith in her estranged spouse, according to a source. “Michael owns the building where the family resides as a real estate developer. He’d already moved out. They’ve had major issues for over a year. As a pair, they’ve been experiencing a visceral separation. According to the source, Ashley’s breakup was caused by discrepancies in the relationship and trust concerns.
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Ashley “considers herself single and has been wanting to be set up on dates,” the insider said of how she is doing after the separation. “She’s finished and ready to go.”

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Ashley Darby and her husband Michael are divorcing.

They met when she was 22 and working at a Georgetown pub. Ashley claimed she contacted him about a marketing internship at his firm because she was too afraid to ask the then-51-year-old out.
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She didn’t have the guts to offer they go out for drinks until she got the job and started working for him. Ashley and Michael were engaged for a year.

Michael’s marriage was not his first, though. He and his ex-wife were married for more than 20 years until they divorced in 2010. They have two children. Michael was also accused of sexual assault and had his RHOP filming privileges revoked at one time. The charges (felony assault and misdemeanor inappropriate sexual behavior) were ultimately dismissed owing to a lack of evidence, and Michael continued to claim that he “didn’t do anything.”


In his first interview after the charges were dropped in October 2018, he told FOX 5 D.C., “My name is cleared.” “My name is now obvious. I did nothing. I’ve been cleared entirely.”

The claim, as well as a remark Michael reportedly made about cast member Robyn Dixon‘s husband, Juan Dixon, were later featured in season four of RHOP. Robyn, Candiace Dillard-Bassett, and her husband Chris Bassett claimed to have overheard Michael stating he intended to “suck” Juan’s, um, sausage in “SausageGate.” But Ashley never left Michael’s side. She told E! News in February that “We’ve had our share of problems, some of which have been quite public. In the end, I believe it’s just reminding myself that Michael is the guy I choose to spend my life with.”

“So, if I can look at him and still love, care about, forgive, and want to keep going with him,” Ashley added, “then I can’t allow what other people say to impact me.” My spouse is not married to them. When I recall it, it grounds me and makes me say, “Yes.” But it’s not easy.”

Ashley didn’t talk much about her stepkids on RHOP, but the difficulties she and Michael faced were always front and center—namely, their age gap being questioned, their constant crashing while trying to run a now-closed Australian restaurant, and, of course, Michael being the frequent subject of cheating allegations.


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