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What is Macy Gray’s Net Worth? How Her Singing Career Brought Her to Fame?

Macy Gray is a well-known American R&B and soul singer who is recognized for her distinctive raspy vocals and heartfelt songs. Her singing career launched her to fame in the late ’90s, but Gray has since earned millions more as a record producer, songwriter, and actress.

Macy takes major creative cues from Billie Holiday, who is recognized for her unusually rough voice. Gray has won five Grammys and released ten studio albums. She’s been in a number of movies, and her song “I Try” was a huge success around the world.

Numerous studio albums of hers have been nominated for and one has even won a Grammy. Besides “Training Day,” “Spider-Man,” “Lackawant to Blues,” and “For Colored Girls,” Gray has appeared in a wide variety of films.

Macy Gray: Early Life

Macy Gray, born Natalie Renee McIntyre on September 6, 1967, in Canton, Ohio, is a popular R&B singer. Macy was raised by her math teacher mother, Laura McIntyre, and her insurance salesman father, Otis Jones, who left the family when she was young.

Macy Gray's Net Worth

After her mother remarried, Macy admitted she had grown closer to her stepfather than her biological father. When she was a student at the University of Southern California, Gray was already a singer and songwriter. While working as a cashier, she met Joe Solo, a record producer who eventually helped her write songs and record them at his studio.

Macy got signed to Atlanta Records after she started performing in Los Angeles jazz cafés, but she was let go before her debut album was released. Macy was encouraged to come back to music despite the setback; she wrote new material, recorded it, and signed with Epic Records in 1998.

Macy Gray’s Net Worth

Net Worth: $12 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 6, 1969 (53 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 6 ft (1.829 m)
Profession: Actor, Record producer, Singer-songwriter, Voice Actor, Musician
Nationality: United States of America

Gray has had a stellar career that has yielded eleven studio albums, five Grammy Award nominations, and one Grammy triumph. She became famous all around the world, so it’s no surprise that she is now making a living doing what she enjoys.

Macy Gray's Net Worth

Macy Gray’s net worth is predicted to reach $12 million by the year 2022. From her albums, tours, and other endeavors, she currently earns approximately $2 million annually. Gray listed her expansive San Fernando Valley mansion for sale in 2006.

She asked for about $4.5 million. The Colonial-style mansion measured 10,000 square feet and included seven bedrooms, nine and a half baths, a Jacuzzi, a pool, and a basketball court.

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Career Beginnings

Gray composed and recorded an album with songwriter and producer Joe Solo, whom she met while working as a cashier in Beverly Hills. The resulting demo tape helped Gray land gigs singing at jazz clubs across Los Angeles. Then, after being signed by Atlantic Records, she was dumped when the executive who had signed her departed the label.

Macy Gray's Net Worth

When she moved back to Ohio from Los Angeles in 1997, the senior vice president of the Zomba Label Group persuaded her to pursue music again. She got a development agreement and started making music based on her own life. A recording contract with Epic Records was signed by her in 1998.

“On How, Life Is” and Other Musical Successes

Gray’s first studio album, titled “On How Life Is,” was released in the summer of 1999. It spawned the smash singles “Do Something,” “Still,” and “Why Didn’t You Call Me?” and became a global phenomenon. With “I Try,” the band had one of the biggest singles of 1999.

Due to its popularity, “On How Life Is” was certified three times platinum in the United States and four times platinum in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, “I Try” won Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the Grammys and was nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year.

Macy Gray's Net Worth

Following her success, Gray released her second studio album, “The Id,” which peaked at number eleven on the Billboard 200. Achieving even greater success in the UK, where it quickly rose to the top of the UK Albums Chart and was eventually certified gold, it was a huge success in that country.

Soon after, Gray recorded with a number of different artists, including Santana (on their album track “Amoré (Sexo)”), Kuti (on a rendition of his popular song “Water No Get Enemy”), and Zucchero (on a duet).

Macy Gray's Net Worth

The next year, in 2003, Gray released “The Trouble with Being Myself,” her third studio album. The album peaked in the top 20 in the UK, and its lead track was a smash hit on American radio. After that, they dropped a live album and a best hits compilation.

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 “Big” and Beyond

Gray returned to the music scene after an absence of four years with her fourth studio album, Big, which included the hit singles “Finally Made Me Happy” and “Shoo Be Doo.” Gray’s latest album was well received by critics and includes guest appearances from Justin Timberlake, Fergie, and Natalie Cole.

Macy Gray's Net Worth

The first song from his subsequent album “The Sellout,” “Beauty in the World,” was featured in the season finale of the ABC comedy “Ugly Betty.” Gray’s follow-up album, “Covered,” a collection of cover versions of popular songs, was recorded in 2011

after she signed with 429 Records. 2016 brought us “Stripped,” also from Chesky Records. The album “Stripped” debuted at #3 on the Billboard Jazz Chart and received glowing reviews from critics.

Film Career

Gray has starred in numerous films over his career, including “Training Day,” “Shadowboxer,” “Domino,” and “Around the World in 80 Days” (2004). She also participated in the 2005 TV movie adaptation of the play “Lackawant to Blues” and in “Spider-Man” and “Spider-Man 3.”

Macy Gray's Net Worth

She played the role of Taffy in the 2006 musical film “Idlewild,” which included the songs of Outkast. Gray appeared in “For Colored Girls,” a film by Tyler Perry, alongside Janet Jackson, Loretta Devine, Whoopi Goldberg, Kerry Washington,


and others after competing on season nine of “Dancing with the Stars.” The Paperboy, Brotherly Love, Papa, Cardboard Boxer, and Change in the Air are just a few of his subsequent cinematic roles.

Other Ventures

Macy Gray's Net Worth

Gray also participated in season eight of Bravo’s “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” where she placed third overall. She sang Michael Jackson’s “Rock with You” at a benefit performance of the West End musical “Thriller – Live” in 2012 for BBC Children in Need. Gray also founded the non-profit company My Good to aid families in paying for mental health services and burial expenses.

Personal Life

For about four years, Gray was married to Tracy Hinds before they divorced while Gray’s career was taking off. They raised a brood of three kids as a unit.

Macy Gray's Net Worth


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Awards and Nominations

Macy Gray has been recognized numerous times over her career. A Billboard Music Video Award was given to her in 2000 for the song “Why Didn’t You Call Me.” She was nominated for a total of five Grammys, taking home one.

She has also been recognized with a slew of other awards, such as the MTV Video Music Award, the MTV Europe Music Award, the Brit Awards, and the Bláck Reel Awards.



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