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Love in the Air Episode 13 Release Date: Streaming Information, What Happened in the Last Episode?

The release date of Love In The Air Episode 13 has been announced, and devoted fans and followers cannot contain their excitement.

Since Thai BL dramas are so immensely famous, fans all over the world now keep an eye out for new releases. A handful of cult Thai dramas contributed to the global popularity of the BL subgenre.

Viewers adored the intensity in the previous episode so much that they can’t wait to see Love in the Air episode 13, which has achieved a similar degree of popularity. For those who were unaware of their existence prior to learning the date of Love In The Air Episode 13, the following is a recap of the previous episodes.

The lovely romance between Sky and Pai continues to make our hearts skip a beat. Pai called Sky to find out what he desired after his meeting concluded. The skewed eggs reacted with a statement. Nonetheless, it appears that Sky and Prapai’s bold secret has been uncovered.

Nonetheless, based on the expression on Pai’s face, he wished for everyone to be aware of it. Moreover, guess what? He notified the proper parties so that the news could be broadcast. He had spent the entire night working on his ideas, so Sky greeted him with a somewhat exhausted look.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

Pai treats The Sky as if she were an infant (Honestly, they make people feel so single). Pai said that he wouldn’t act unless Sky made a move.

Due to this, he refrained from kissing Sky even though he envisioned himself doing so. The Sky family is very adorable. The unwavering support of his siblings has already been displayed.

If Pai stops acting like a playboy due to Sky’s influence, according to his family, Sky will become their mother’s favorite.

In the interim, Sky’s frantic call alarmed Prapai. He hurried home to learn that Sky required assistance with his duties. In an instant, Pai felt fear and disappointment. We are all aware that Sky did not mean for him to feel this way.

According to their narrative, Sky rarely requests assistance, and when he does, it is typically from a unique individual. Pai kisses Sky’s forehead the following morning and asks him to sleep a little longer. Despite the fact that it appeared to be quite commonplace, Sky found it remarkable.

These direct demonstrations of love were what he desired. The sky cannot help but reflect on his interactions with Pai while on campus.
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Then, precipitation began to complement Phayu. However, Sky was considering someone else. Rain is an excellent companion. It is gratifying to observe how he treats Sky. On the other hand, Sky started to feel pity for Pai. He had a change of mind.

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Episode 13 of Love Is in the Air: Release Date

Love In The Air Episode 13 will air on GMM one Thailand at 11:00 AM EST on November 11, 2022. International viewers can view Episode 13 of Love in the Air at:

• Singapore Standard Time: 12:00 am (November 11, 2022)
• Philippines: 12:00 am
• Japanese Standard Time: 1:00 am. (November 11, 2022)
• Korean Standard Time: 1:00 am. (November 11, 2022)

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Episode 13 of Love in the Air: Streaming Information

The thirteenth episode of Love Is in the Air will stream on multiple platforms in addition to GMM One.

The thirteenth episode of Love In The Air will air on the iQiyi streaming service.

What is Love in the Air’s premise?

Love in the Air is one of the most popular television series in Thailand. Fans are eager to see how the plot develops and anticipate additional interactions between the major characters. The series has grown in popularity and is well-liked despite backlash over how LGBT characters are portrayed.

Love in the Air premiered in August 2022 to record-breaking ratings. On the show’s official website, Orawan Wichayawankul is credited as the author.

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The MAME novels “Love Storm” and “Love Sky” served as inspiration for the television series “Love In The Air,” starring Phayu Sermsongwittaya and Nuttarat Tangwai as Phayu and Rain, respectively.

The two actors who portray Prapai and Sky are cast with the other two. This television series is produced by the business Love is in the Air. This series is distributed via GMM 25. The thirteen-episode season, which will conclude in November 2022, will air. Each episode of the program airs on its home network every Thursday for approximately 45 minutes.


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