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Logan Paul Net Worth: How Wealthy Is American You Tuber? Luxury Lifestyle!

Paul, Logan Alexander is an American YouTuber, podcaster, actor, and now a professional boxer. The internet star has over 23 million subscribers on YouTube and has gained a worldwide fanbase as a result.

The 27-year-old has boxed three times, once as an amateur, once as a pro, and once as an exhibitionist. He’s the older sibling of Jake Paul, the internet star-turned-boxer. Logan Paul is known as “Maverick” in the ring.

Logan Paul Early Life

Logan Paul has an older brother named Jake Paul, who was also born on April 1, 1995, in Westlake, Ohio. When Logan started making films, he was just 10 years old, and he did so for a website called Zoosh.

Logan Paul Net Worth

A talented football player, Paul was a high achiever at Westlake High School. He was also a member of the school’s wrestling team. While still in school, this kid had already devoted a great deal of time to his future achievement. Even before he graduated, he had amassed a respectable YouTube audience.

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Logan Paul’s Net Worth

American actor, internet star, and boxer Logan Paul has gained fame on YouTube. A total of $45 million is now in Logan Paul’s bank account. Logan Paul has amassed over 23 million subscribers to his YouTube channel as of this writing. Multiple times in his career, he has been among the highest-paid YouTubers ever.

In addition to his YouTube channel, he also manages the highly successful Maverick Apparel retail firm. For Maverick, the first nine months of business resulted in almost $40 million in sales. Since last November, he’s been the voice of the Impulsive podcast. Both Logan and his younger brother Jake have made the transition to professional boxing in recent years.


Even though Logan Paul became famous on the defunct Vine platform, he remains a cultural phenomenon. His online fame, however, had already amassed over 3 million followers by 2014. By 2015, he had risen to the tenth spot on Vine’s list of most prominent users and was raking in a healthy sum of money from ads.

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Logan made the right choice when he started directing followers to his YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages by advertising his videos there. If he hadn’t done this, he would’ve vanished when the Vine platform was shut down.

Other Controversies

In early February 2018, YouTube removed advertisements from Paul’s channels owing to a “pattern of activity.” YouTube was alluding to Paul’s participation in the Tide Pod challenge, his video in which he “jokingly gave it CPR” on a fish he pulled from his pond, and his video in which he used a taser pistol on two dead rats. Paul did not make any money from ad sales on his site at that time.

Logan Paul Net Worth

A fortnight later, YouTube advertising returned to his channel. However, his channel and its material were ineligible to be shown on YouTube’s trending page while he was on probation for a full ninety days. Then, in a segment of his show in January of this year, Paul quipped, “March macho?… We’re going to try out being gay for a whole month.
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” Paul’s comments drew great condemnation, with many people pointing out that they seemed to imply that being gay is a lifestyle one can choose or not.

Personal Life

Some of the biggest names in the world of social media, including Juanpa Zurita, Amanda Cerny, and Andrew Bachelor, all shared an apartment building in Hollywood with Paul and his housemates Mark Dohner and Evan Eckenrode in the fall of 2015. Because of their near proximity, the members of the group frequently worked together on videos for their various channels.

Logan Paul Net Worth

In the fall of 2017, Paul relocated to a mansion in Encino. In July 2018, Paul and actress Chloe Bennet announced they were dating. According to reports, they dated for a full year before making it official. As of September of that year, they were no longer a couple.
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It’s red and green that Paul can’t see.

Salary Highlights

He earned $12.5 million in 2016. He earned $12 million in 2017. That’s $14.5 million he made in 2018. This year he made a total of $10 million.

Actual Property

Logan Paul bought this property in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles in October 2017 for $6.55 million and called it home for a number of years. Several months prior, it had been advertised for $8.5 million. There are more than 30,000 square feet of living space across the home’s 14 rooms. In April of 2022, Logan closed on the sale of the $7.4 million property. Machine Gun Kelly was the purchaser.

For the past few years, Logan has made Puerto Rico his home, renting a mansion in the exclusive Ritz-Carlton enclave that costs more than $13 million.

Logan Paul Net Worth

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Logan purchased an 80-acre ranch in the San Jacinto Mountains, about two hours east of downtown Los Angeles, for $1 million in 2019. Tim Leary, a former Harvard professor who went on to create LSD, lived at Fobes Ranch in the ’60s. Leary and the “Brotherhood of Eternal Love,” a crew of surfers from Laguna Beach, CA, stayed on the site and produced LSD there.


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