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Legislation Requiring All New Jersey Schools to Submit Electronic Blueprints Has Been Signed Into Law by Governor Murphy.

Presently, all New Jersey schools, both public and private, are mandated by law to electronically transmit critical incident mapping data to local law enforcement. This law was signed into effect by Governor Phil Murphy today.

Governor Murphy pledged $6.5 million from the American Rescue Plan in August to establish a statewide school security effort that will scan and make available school building plans to first responders.

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The bill he signed today mandates that all boards of education, boards of trustees, or chief school administrators send key incident mapping data for all schools and school grounds to their local law enforcement authority or approved law enforcement bodies.

Among the details of critical incident mapping are:

  • Flyover videos of classrooms
  • Directional arrows and room/suite numbers on the floorplans
  • Establishing communication hubs
  • The places where you can turn off utilities and store dangerous materials
  • Data pertaining to a certain location that is not already known.

When changes are made to the underlying data, updated maps must be distributed to relevant or designated law enforcement agencies.

With immediate effect, the bill will be implemented for the 2023–24 academic year.

The bill signed today is the latest in a series of security-related bills that have been brought into law in recent months.

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  • The “Securing Our Children’s Future Bond Act,” signed in January, allots $5,150,531 to fund school security upgrades across New Jersey’s districts through Acts A-6258 and S-4309. In accordance with Alyssa’s Law, the money was used to install silent panic alarms that would immediately contact authorities in the event of an emergency.

  • Legislation (A-5727/S-3726) was signed in January to ensure that school security drills are age-appropriate and do not cause needless trauma to students. The bill mandates a number of changes, including a ban on the use of sham blood, sham weapons, and sham simulations of gunfire and explosions during school safety drills.
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  • A4075/3229, passed in August, mandates the creation of a danger assessment team in every school in the state. This mandate applies to both traditional public school districts and charter and renaissance schools.


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