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Kanye West’s Twitter Account Suspended After He Posted “Swastika”!

As a result of a now-deleted tweet in which he featured a swastika on Thursday night, Kanye Ye West has been suspended from Twitter. On the heels of a day in which he appeared on Alex Jones‘s Infowars show and said he adored Adolf Hitler, the rapper sent a series of inflammatory tweets, including what appear to be fake text messages between himself and Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

Ye uploaded a photo on Twitter showing a swastika superimposed over a Star of David as part of a series of posts expressing support for Balenciaga after the recent criticism against the brand. The offensive tweet was removed from Twitter, and Ye’s tweet storm ended abruptly.

Ye, who is probably going to get suspended, also tweeted an unpleasant picture of Elon Musk getting hosed by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel on a yacht. After Ye made a series of antisemitic comments, leading to the severing of links with him by companies like Adidas and Balenciaga, Emanuel called for a Hollywood-led boycott of the musician.

Ye‘s verified account tweeted another photo of their text exchange on Truth Social, as well as a screenshot proving that Ye had been shut off from his account for 12 hours. Musk, an outspoken advocate of free speech, confirmed the ban by saying,

“This is good” in response to the offensive photo and “this is not” in response to the swastika post, which he has since deleted. Musk responded, “I tried my best,” to a person who pleaded with him to “fix Kanye West pls” on Twitter.

Regardless, he has again broken our ban against inciting violence. Your account will be closed as a result.” To which Ari responded, “Just clarifying that his account is being suspended for instigation to violence, not an ugly pic of me being hosed by Ari.”

Actually, seeing those pictures served as excellent inspiration for me to start dieting. Musk doubled down by tweeting the abbreviation “FAFO,” which stands for “fuck about and find out.” Ye’s account is still accessible even after Musk tweeted that he had suspended it.


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