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Kanye West Has Announced That He Will Run For Presidential Bid in 2024, And His “Team” Is Worrying About It!

Do we really find ourselves in the year 2020? A few days after Donald Trump declared his candidacy for president once again, Kanye West did the same… again. The discredited rapper proclaimed his candidacy for vice president in a now-deleted video posted on Twitter on Sunday.

There, the videographer supposedly asks Ye, “So you are running?” Join Indy100 for our free weekly newsletter. The New York Post claims to have viewed the video and his response is “Yes.” It’s easy because no one can tell me ‘you shouldn’t say that,’ or ‘you should say this,’ you know what I mean?

It’s just that our sights are set on the future. Patriot Takes, which posted the video, captioned it, “Kanye West claims he will run for president in 2024 and Marjorie Taylor Greene intern Milo Yiannopoulos is working on the campaign.”

After making controversial remarks in 2016 about sexual activity between adult males and “younger lads,” the British far-right agitator Milo Yiannopoulos mainly faded from public view.

It wasn’t until Greene said he was joining her team this summer that he gained widespread attention. She told Insider, “So I have an intern that was raped by a priest as a young kid, was gay, has insulted everyone at some point, converted his life back to Jesus and the Church, and changed his life.” “What an amazing tale!”

Another tweet by Patriot Takes implies that white nationalist Nick Fuentes may possibly be joining Ye’s team. If you haven’t heard of Fuentes before, congratulations! According to rumors, he is a Holocaust denier and his goal is to form a white nationalist alternative to the traditional Republican party.

What this means is that the crew is a mishmash of characters plucked straight out of your worst nightmares. After a series of anti-Semitic rants, Kanye West “tested” that his Twitter account was still active, which led to the announcement of his forthcoming run.

He was locked out of the service in October, but Elon Musk reinstated his access to the site at the beginning of this month before the deal was officially closed, as Tesla’s CEO was happy to point out.

Testing, Testing Ye tweeted, “Checking to see whether my Twitter is unblocked,” then followed it up with the purposefully offensive message, “Shalom:).” It’s ironic that the Western world hasn’t been showing the Jewish people the peace,

Kanye West Has Announced That He Will Run For Presidential Bid in 2024, And His "Team" Is Worrying About It!

harmony, and wholeness that the Hebrew greeting “shalom” (peace) implies. Participate in our free and open discussion on the news. The top of the page features an upvote button you can use to help move this article up the indy100 rankings.


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