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Jessica Chastain Turns Camera Off and Makes Statement of ‘independence’ Day, Women’s ‘rights!

This year, Jessica Chastain has made it clear that she will not be celebrating the Fourth of July with her family and friends as she usually does.

‘Happy ‘Independence’ Day from me and my reproductive rights,’ the actress captioned a selfie of herself on Instagram on Monday. She stuck both middle fingers up in the photo.

This Year Access to Planned Parenthood.

Jessica Chastain Turns Camera Off and Makes Statement of 'independence' Day, Women's 'rights!

In the past, Chastain has made clear her position on reproductive rights. She acknowledged earlier this year that having access to Planned Parenthood and birth control pills as a child helped her pursue an acting career. In an interview with The Sunday Times, she said, “I’m the only person in my family who wasn’t pregnant when I was 17.” “Because of [Planned Parenthood], I had more freedom in my life.

” “There are times when I’m sick to my stomach just saying this, but I don’t ever think about how to gain more success in this field. Because we didn’t have anything, like food, as a family, I developed a rebellious tendency “she threw in “So, since I grew up there, I can tell you what it’s like.
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It also irritates me. And I don’t want anyone else to be denied anything. In terms of having a say, being seen, heard, and appreciated.”

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What Is the historic Supreme Court decision issued in 1973?

Jessica Chastain Turns Camera Off and Makes Statement of 'independence' Day, Women's 'rights!

In March, while accepting her Oscar for Best Actress for her role in The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Chastain also spoke on the need for equality for everyone. In an interview, she stated, “We’re confronted with racist and bigoted legislation that is sweeping our country, with the only purpose of further dividing us.” One week after Roe v. Wade, a historic Supreme Court decision issued in 1973 that allowed women the right to have an abortion in all 50 states, the post by Chastain was published.

States can now make their own abortion regulations after the 6-to-3 decision overturned nearly 50 years of tradition. In Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, and South Dakota, governors approved “trigger bans” following the Supreme Court’s decision, which has already led to abortion prohibitions in those states. Joe Biden termed the Supreme Court decision a “tragic miscalculation” and a “fulfillment of an extreme ideology” after protests erupted in cities around the country.


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