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Jana Kramer and Ian Break Up? She Had Broken up With Her Lover Ian Schinelli!

In other words, Jana Kramer is once again a single woman. The 38-year-old country singer and actress Jana Kramer stated Friday that she is “going through” a breakup, sparking speculation that she and boyfriend Ian Schinelli had broken up after she deleted all images of her partner off her Instagram.

“In a sense, I’m experiencing [a breakup] at the moment. Although, if I had to give you any advice after a breakup, it would be this: your story isn’t over “access, she explained. “You will never be completely alone. The situation is not as dire as it may seem right now.

” Fans have noted that Kramer’s ex-girlfriend Schinelli, 36, is no longer in her Instagram photos, and on Friday, the celebrity posted on her Story about the joys of being single.

After a Breakup, They Are Back Together?

Jana Kramer and Ian Break Up?

The message stated, “If you’re happy alone, you’ll be happier together.” “If you don’t love yourself, no amount of love from others will ever be enough. Dependence never leads to self-sufficiency. Intimacy with a confident individual provides no safety net for the dependent.
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You can’t make good choices for other people until you fix your connection with yourself first.”

Kramer wrote in another of his Stories, “If you don’t pick yourself, you’ll never feel chosen by anyone else either.” Furthermore, they have unfollowed each other on Instagram. After meeting through common friend Andrew East in October, Kramer and Schinelli went to Instagram officials in January. Schinelli is a single dad and Navy SEAL, reserve member. “It’s going good, but it’s really hard to be in a healthy relationship outside of a toxic relationship,” Kramer told PEOPLE in February of their budding romance. “He’s very patient with me as I try to relearn things.”

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Their Breakup

Jana Kramer and Ian Break Up?

Former husband Mike Caussin and the singer filed for divorce in April 2021, and the divorce was finalized in July. Jolie Rae, 6, and Jace Joseph, 3, are their children. She said that no matter what happened, her priority would always be her children and that she was “glad” with Schinelli but didn’t want to “force or push anything.” Schinelli remarked last month that he doesn’t “get caught up with the limelight” when dating someone famous on Kramer’s Whine Down podcast.

Dating Kramer was difficult because “it’s two extremely different personalities and two very different lifestyles,” he added. “It’s not a barrier; rather, it’s a deeper appreciation for her needs and mine. They weren’t dealt with straight away since we found that to be a very challenging matter to address.” Ian broke up with Jana because he says, she “lies” to her therapists, which led to the breakup.

Their Relationship

Jana Kramer and Ian Break Up?

Absolutely no way would I consider reconciling with her. I mean it as a huge compliment to her,” he told Us. With friends or partners, you always use the same manipulative techniques.

The treatment isn’t helping. Psychologists are simply buying into the story you tell them. She’s confessed to me that she’s lied to every single therapist she’s ever seen. They can only do so much with what you’re providing her, and obviously, it’s not working. Don’t try to tell me that you suddenly realized what you were doing because I ended our relationship and left.

The logic here is flawed, as I am positive she told everyone else the same thing. According to Ian, he was forbidden to associate with women outside of his family. Schinelli told Us that during their relationship Kramer would “give me guilt trips.” When I mentioned going to the gym again, she’d say, “Hey, you don’t need to go back. What’s the point of making that trip again? What’s stopping you from working out right here?

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During Their Relationship

Jana Kramer and Ian Break Up?

Just do it, you guys! The way she would manipulate people would be really subtle,” he explained. And I have no idea if this has anything to do with her history. I mean, of course, it does. I simply cannot disagree. … She often tried to discourage me from engaging in my favorite activities by saying hurtful things.

“Alright, well, I’ll sacrifice part of that,” I said. During their relationship, he “really cut off everybody in my life for a five, six-month period,” he told Us. According to his story, “I was not allowed to be near other females.” As I was making my way here, I was bombarded with questions about my motivations.
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Or, if I’ve already been to the gym, what’s the point of going back? I don’t see the point in coming back a second time.

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