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HomenewsIs Shahzad Dana Dead or Still Alive? Know Everything About Him

Is Shahzad Dana Dead or Still Alive? Know Everything About Him

The death of Iranian aeronautical engineer Shahzad Dana was the subject of numerous online rumors. What then is the truth? Is Dana still alive and healthy, or is he rumored to be dead? For more information on Shahzad Dana, continue reading.

Who is Shahzad Dana?

Iranian aerospace engineer Shahzad Dana is the creator of TToMoon as well as a researcher at TRTMspace. He was born in Iran on May 21, 1992. When he first began to investigate his curiosity about how toys functioned by opening and closing them, he was very young.
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Shahzad Danas has always felt a little alien. When he was younger, he enjoyed disassembling and reassembling his toys, and he preferred reading and independent exploration to attending school. This pattern persisted throughout his adolescence, and at age 16 he decided to stop attending school altogether and pursue his studies on his own.

He later began pondering God and posting opinions on social media, which caused him to run into difficulty in his own Iran. He made the decision to leave the country without permission when he was 17 and left for an East Asian country, where he eventually got a residence permit.

At the age of 18, he enrolled in a university there; nevertheless, his goal appeared to be to convince individuals to join his squad rather than to study.

Is Shahzad Dana Dead or Still Alive?

Although there have been allegations that Shahzad Dana has passed away, his passing and the cause of it have not yet been confirmed. On October 9, 2022, his last action on social media was seen.

Shahzad Dana’s Idea to Travel Moon

Shahzad Dana, who first proposed the notion of visiting the moon in 2010, is currently carrying out his plans under the brand TTomoon. According to online sources, he and his group have already made significant research advances.

Is Shahzad Dana Dead or Still Alive?

Additionally, Shahzad Dana said during an oddly located seminar in Africa: (Soon, he will provide short information to the people of the earth about the secret shelter of decentralized energies that has a direct effect on increasing the health of the human body over the centuries). Some of Shahzad Dana’s squad allegedly possess expertise in areas like music and digital money.

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The connection between these energies and space flight is not yet evident, though. Many people have expressed doubt about Shahzad Dana’s plan, but he is still confident in his team’s capacity to succeed. Although we must conduct our own study to draw firm conclusions based on facts, we think that not everything shared on social media can be real.

We hope that by writing this blog article, we can spread important knowledge about Shahzad Dana. Keep checking the website for up-to-date, interesting news. Post your opinions in the section below.


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