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Is Malia Obama Pregnant? Pregnant with Rapper Future’s Child Is Former U.S. President Barrack Obama’s Daughter?

The rumour that Malia Obama, daughter of former U.S. President Barrack Obama, is pregnant with a child by rapper Future is one of the craziest celebrity rumours ever. For the past week, the unfounded rumour has been sweeping around the social media platform Twitter.

Some users were so naive as to believe it, while others kept questioning where the heck these ridiculous claims were coming from. The fact that so many people are falling for the rumour that Malia Obama is expecting Future’s kid in 2022 demonstrates that some internet users will believe anything these days.

From Whence Come the Rumours Regarding Malia Obama and Her Future

is malia obama pregnant

Initially, the rumours about Malia and Future were spread after a humorous Instagram account called Rapstreet TV published a post including a photo collage of the two stars. Breaking news: Future and Mali Obama are expecting their first child together, the message stated. Clearly intended as a joke, the post was published on September 6th. Reading the caption, which reads,

“BREAKING: It is being reported that #future and Malia Obama are expecting their first child together,” will make you chuckle. Many people were taken aback by the revelation of Malia and Future’s secret relationship. “Y’all happy for Malia and Future or Nah?” “Sources aren’t sure how long Malia has been pregnant, but reportedly have informed sources close to Future that the rapper has been “smashing dah b***h” for a while now.

The Instagram page for Rapstreet TV, which has over 32,000 followers, is rife with obviously false posts. The site’s sole purpose is to provide lighthearted entertainment for its readers; it has nothing to do with reporting on actual celebrities.

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Future Will Get Malia Pregnant, and The Fans React

is malia obama pregnant

Those who missed the deeper meaning of Rapstreet TV’s post were quick to spread the rumour on Twitter. Some people were just perplexed. One of Obama’s daughters is expecting a child, and Future is responsible. “Which daughter wtf,” one user said in disbelief.

Is it the Future who impregnated Obama’s daughter? Dawg.,” another user remarked. If Future is responsible for Malia Obama‘s pregnancy, then it’s a simulation, as one user put it. An online user questioned the widespread belief that Future was responsible for Obama’s daughter being pregnant. Others, though, saw through the Instagram post’s apparent seriousness and had some choice words to say. Someone on Twitter lamented, “I will never get over the reality that people actually believe Malia Obama and Future are having a baby together.”

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Barack Obama’s Daughter Malia Is in A Relationship Remix Master: Dj Dawit Eklund

is malia obama pregnant

Apparently, Malia, 24, is dating Dawit Eklund, a 32-year-old musician, DJ, and producer. According to photos received by Daily Mail, the two were recently photographed in Manhattan.

Dawit’s mother, Yeshi, is from Ethiopia, and his father, Jon Eklund, is a retired State Department officer. The artist co-founded the Ethiopian music label 1432 R, situated in Washington, DC. On July 26th, people first spotted Malia and Dawit in public. Apparently, at the time, they were picking up a takeout order.

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