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Irv Gotti’s Net Worth: Who Owns Murder Inc Masters?

Irv Gotti is a DJ, singer, and record producer from New York who makes R&B and hip-hop music. He is worth $14 million. He became well-known because he was the CEO and co-founder of the well-known record label Murder Inc.

Gotti has always wanted to be a rapper, so he kept working on his rapping skills at the time. Gotti had been a DJ for almost 3 years before artists like 50 Cent, Merlin Iman, Yasiin Bey, and David Banner gave him the chance to be in Eyes on the Hip Hop, a 1995 hip-hop music video.

Gotti is known for starting his label, but he is also known as a DJ and has worked with many well-known artists over the past 10 years. In the 1990s, he got his first job as a DJ and started playing in New York clubs and at local parties.

Gotti’s brother, Chris Gotti, helped him start the record label Murder Inc. From then on, the two of them worked with artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, and DMX. He also produced hit singles for artists like Ashanti, JLO, and Ja Rule.

He became one of the most famous rap producers because of his work with these hip-hop stars.

Gotti is known for making more than 50 music videos and almost 100 hit singles throughout his career. He became well-known as a DJ first, and then he moved on to become a music producer, record executive, CEO, and co-founder of his label.

Irv Gotti’s Early Life

On June 26, 1970, Irv Gotti was born Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr in the Hollis neighborhood of Queens, New York City. His father, Irvington Domingo Lorenzo Sr., was a cab driver, and his mother, Nee Nee Lorenzo, was a housewife. He is half Filpino and half African-American.

He had many financial and personal problems as a child, and growing up in a large family was challenging for him. Irving has seven siblings, including Chris Gotti.

Irving was still in high school when he began working as a drug dealer, dealing crack and cocaine to supplement his income. Fortunately, he was apprehended by authorities as he attempted to sell coke and crack.

From then, he decided to take his interest more seriously and launched a music career in the early 1990s, rather than spending his adolescent years in crime and incarceration.

Irv Gotti’s Music Career

After becoming a well-known DJ and spinning in New York clubs, Gotti decided to release his debut music video for Eyes on Hip Hop in 1995. In the same year, Mariah Carey, a well-known singer, approached him about serving as the director of her music video for Joy to the World.

For the renowned rapper Jay-1996 Z’s debut album, Reasonable Doubt, Gotti served as a producer. That album inspired the producer to collaborate with some well-known figures in the hip-hop scene. After Jay-Z proposed, Irv started using the stage name, Irv Gotti.

Irv Gotti's Net Worth: Who Owns Murder Inc Masters?

Gotti created the popular song “Can I Get an” in 1998 for the blockbuster film Rush Hour. Since then, he has continued to create and write new songs for Story to Tell and the grand finale of the hugely popular drama Belly.

Gotti began to receive offers from several record labels to collaborate with them so that he could create successful music. At the time, emerging rapper DMX brought Gotti to Def Jam Records. After joining the company, Gotti persuaded Jay-Z to sign a deal with the company.

In 1999, Gotti contributed to the production of the song How Many Wanna. He then created the song We Murderers Baby for the popular comedy film The Next Friday.

Eventually, Gotti and his brother Chris formed the record company known as Murder, Inc. The business later joined forces with Def Jam to form a 50% partnership, and Gotti received a $3 million loan from Def Jam to launch his new business.

In the years that followed, industry behemoths like Universal Records and Sony Music also promoted Murder, Inc. Later in 2001, he was asked to write the music for the motion picture Angel: One More Road to Cross by the film’s producers.

Since then, he has worked on more than 10 singles for several films, further establishing himself in the entertainment business. Additionally, the American artist Ashanti requested that he produce her first song.

Two well-known performers, Ashanti and Ja Rule, joined his label Murder, Inc. the next year. He was in charge of directing the Foolish, Down 4 U, and Baby music videos that same year (Remix).

2011 saw Gotti make a cameo on an episode of the Conan television program. He had the opportunity to write the song “Foolish” for the film “About Time” that year. The song I’m Real from the 2014 film Jennifer Lopez: Dance Again was remixed by Gotti.


Debbie Lorenzo was Gotti’s first love, and the two eventually got married. Together, they are parents to Angie, JJ, and Sonny.

Debbie filed for divorce because Gotti had a romantic relationship with rapper Ashanti while they were still together. Their marriage came to an end in 2013 when their divorce became final. Since that time, Gotti has been wed to Ashley Martelle.


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Irv Gotti’s Net Worth

Irv Gotti’s Net Worth is expected to be approximately $14 million in 2022. He is one of the richest record producers and music video directors in the hip-hop world, and he has achieved a great deal of popularity throughout his career. Irv Gotti’s monthly salary exceeds $250,000.

Gotti has earned more than $20 million by creating multiple hit songs for artists such as Jay Z and Ashanti.

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The rapper has also attracted the attention of major corporations and is earning sizable money through sponsorships. Gotti’s annual income is estimated to be around $2 million, which comes from a variety of sources.

Name Irv Gotti
Net Worth $14 Million
Age 52 years old date
Date Of Birth June 26, 1970
Annual Income $2 Million
Profession American Record producer,
Singer, DJ
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Concerns Labels

In one of his interviews, Gotti mentioned receiving a $1 million offer from Universal Music Records in exchange for the labels and half of his master recordings, with Universal Music Records keeping the other half.

In the end, Irv Gotti agreed to a hefty $300 million deal with Oliver Chastan’s label, the iconoclast. For the money he will receive to fund his television endeavors, he sold 50% of the rights to his records in interactivity.


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Gotti’s masters are worth $100 million and $200 million, respectively, in the line of honor he used to not only produce and create his TV shows but also to now own them.

Irv Gotti's Net Worth: Who Owns Murder Inc Masters?

Controversies and Legal Concerns

When fifty government officers searched Gotti’s record label Murder Inc.’s Manhattan headquarters following the 2003 investigation, the company changed its name to The Inc.

In 2005, the producer pleaded guilty to federal charges after being accused of helping a friend and a drug lord conceal more than $1 million in illicit narcotics payments.


To pay Mr. Gotti’s record company, Murder Inc., on Manhattan’s Eighth Avenue, which was claimed by the Prosecutors, Kenneth McGriff, a friend of Gotti’s known as Supreme on Queens’ streets, would merely deliver sacks of cash.

Along with his brother Chirs, Ja Rule’s manager Ronald Robinson, and the label’s bookkeeper Cynthia Brent, Gotti was accused of money laundering.

Gotti and his brother Chirs were declared not guilty and were released on $1 million bonds after pledging their parents’ Bronxville home as collateral for the bonds. Gotti declined to obtain drug funding to launch his business.

2003 saw the brother of Gotti become embroiled in a shooting on the streets of New York City.

Due to the manner the bullet entered his leg during the investigation, officers began to suspect that Gotti had forced the injury on himself, but no such reports were ever discovered.


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2003 saw the brother of Gotti become embroiled in a shooting on the streets of New York City.

Due to the manner the bullet entered his leg during the investigation, officers began to suspect that Gotti had forced the injury on himself, but no such reports were ever discovered.

Sources of Income

Irv Gotti began making music in the 1990s, and today he is recognized as one of the top producers in the nation. His album, Murder Inc., accounts for a sizable percentage of his revenue. The rapper has made a significant amount of money directing and producing music videos for other artists.

Irv Gotti's Net Worth: Who Owns Murder Inc Masters?


His earnings also mostly come from the entertainment sector, such as from television programs. Irv Gotti amassed almost $10 million, according to some sources, at the height of his singing career. Due to numerous accusations, including money laundering and other things, he lost a lot of money.


Irv Gotti is a rapper with a $14 million net worth, and he can afford million-dollar homes. Gotti invested $3.636 million in an opulent property in one of Encino, Southern California’s upscale neighborhoods, in 2018.

This home, which occupied more than a quarter of an acre of ground, included numerous fireplaces, a lovely backyard, a sizable swimming pool, a terrace, and other features. The home also boasts a beautiful view from the balcony and over 6,600 square feet of living area with 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.

After placing the residence up for rent at $12,500 per month in 2019, Gotti marketed the mansion for sale at $1,849,000 in the year 2021.

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In the pricey Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, Gotti spent close to $1 million on a loft-style house in the latter part of 2000. This home has a living area of more than 2,062 square feet and several facilities.


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