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Instagram Name Style: Guidelines for Choosing the Ideal Instagram Username!

It can be challenging to choose a catchy Instagram handle that is still accessible. Also, more people than ever are using Instagram to look for businesses and items, so it’s important that your account be easy to find and memorable.

You’ll find everything you need to know about switching to a new Instagram username in 2022 and more in this post, where we share our expert advice.
A Case for Unique Instagram Handles

While picking a new Instagram handle might not seem like a big deal at first, it can have a profound impact on your brand’s identity and the ease with which new followers grasp your purpose. Because your Instagram profile is the new homepage for your brand, having a memorable username is essential.

How to Find the Perfect Username?

Instagram Name Style: Guidelines for Choosing the Ideal Instagram Username!

Therefore, if your Instagram username isn’t catchy or is hard to spell, you’ll be starting off on the wrong foot in terms of social media promotion.

In light of this, we present the following guidelines for picking a stellar handle on Instagram:

Brand’s offering should be front and center on your Instagram handle.

Considering Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, the likelihood of your brand name being taken is low.

But this might be a perfect chance to slip in a supplementary term that provides a suggestion about the qualities, items, or services your company offers. Many popular brands, such as @keepsakethelabel, include references to their respective fields in their Twitter handles.

Your brand’s message will be reaffirmed, and your website’s discoverability will increase, thanks to this one simple trick.

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Second Instagram Username Tip: Pick Something Catchy.

Instagram Name Style: Guidelines for Choosing the Ideal Instagram Username!

Consider using a catchy phrase as your Instagram handle.
Usernames that are easy to remember to have a greater chance of being searched, which in turn can increase your interaction and the number of people who decide to follow you.

Use a pun on your Instagram handle to make it more memorable.

Consider how OUAI Haircare, whose name sounds like “The Way,” has cleverly capitalized on the association between the two phrases.

Keep Your Username Consistent Across All Social Media Platforms is Rule No. 3 for Choosing an Instagram Handle.

It’s a good idea to make sure the username you’re considering for your Instagram account is also available on the other social media sites where you plan to advertise your business.

Maintaining a uniform username across all of your social media profiles is not only good practice from a branding perspective, but also helps you attract more followers. A YouTube follower can quickly find your Instagram if you use the same username there.

Keep in mind that while Instagram handles usernames with a 30-character limit, this isn’t necessarily the case on other networks. In the case of Twitter, for instance, you have a grand total of 15 characters at your disposal.

Name Your Instagram Account Like This: Get Rid of Difficult Letters.
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Instagram Name Style: Guidelines for Choosing the Ideal Instagram Username!

Usernames on Instagram Can Have Letters, Digits, Periods, and Underscores, However, You Shouldn’t Necessarily Use Them All.

Last but Not Least… Your Username Will Be More Searchable if It Is Simple to Type.

Keeping Your Username Simple and Free of Complexities Is Therefore Recommended.

If You’re Having Trouble Settling on An Instagram Handle, Try Pitching the Concept to A Friend or Coworker and Having Them Jot It Down 10 Minutes Later. if There Are Any Misspelled Words, They Should Probably Start Over.

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A Username that Reflects Your Brand’s Values.

Instagram Name Style: Guidelines for Choosing the Ideal Instagram Username!

You Should Choose an Instagram Handle Based on Its Popularity Today. We’ve established that A Username that Reflects Your Brand’s Values, Products, or Services Is a Terrific Approach to Spreading the Word About Your Business and Attracting New Customers on Instagram.

However, Don’t Lose Sight of The Big Picture When It Comes to Your Company’s Future.

Do Not Restrict Yourself to Selling only One Item by Using that Name as Your Instagram Handle if You Intend to Expand Your Offerings in The Future. It’s Better to Use Broad Phrases that Leave Room for Expansion in The Desired direction. If you plan ahead, you can avoid having to rebrand in the future, which could have a negative effect on your discoverability and user engagement.
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