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HomenewsIn New Jersey, Mexico Will Establish Its First Consulate

In New Jersey, Mexico Will Establish Its First Consulate

The Mexican government will open its first consulate in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Mariana Diaz, the Mexican consul in New Brunswick, said to TAPinto on Tuesday that a Mexican consulate in New York previously provided services to citizens of New Jersey.

The Mexican government opened an office in New Jersey, she explained, “because of the size of the population and because the community has been begging to have an office where they can receive services.”

Because they provide some of the same services and assist governments in their interactions with other nations, consulates and embassies are frequently mistaken for

one another. But consulates operate on a smaller scale.

The issuance of consular ID cards, the registration of children of Mexicans living in the United States who were born in the United States for dual citizenship, and assistance with passport applications and renewals are all services offered, according to Diaz.

According to her, consulates also offer financial, educational, and health services to Mexican citizens.

In New Jersey, Mexico Will Establish Its First Consulate

When asked if New Brunswick was picked because it has a sizable population of immigrants from Mexico, many of whom are from the Oaxacan region, Diaz responded, “It’s a little bit of everything.

I believe that the location is crucial. The counties within our jurisdiction will also be catered to, and this site does so well.

More than 200,000 Mexicans reside in New Jersey, with New Brunswick having the second-largest Mexican population behind Passaic, according to Diaz.

She merely said, “that’s what we’re working on,” when asked where the consulate’s offices will be. She expressed hope that the consulate will open in the spring and added that an announcement regarding the offices’ location would be made shortly.

More than 20 individuals will work at the Mexican embassy in New Brunswick, she revealed.

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