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In March, Snap Benefits Will Be Reduced. Five Tips to Keep Your Money Safe

When the Emergency Allotments (EA) distributed during the epidemic ended in March, a significant portion of the food assistance received by SNAP users across the United States will be reduced.

Nineteen of the states have already eliminated EA benefits. In light of this, many who use SNAP in those states have already had to make changes to their food budgets.

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The other states will join Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wyoming on March 1 in cutting SNAP benefits.

What are the repercussions? And if you’ve been impacted by the cut, what can you do about it?

If You Are Receiving Social Security Benefits, Your Snap Benefits May Be Reduced

According to an analysis by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, every household getting SNAP assistance will receive at least $95 less per month than they were receiving during the pandemic.

There may be some households with moderately higher incomes who see a monthly drop of $250 or more. The analysis estimates that the average person will see a monthly decrease of $90.

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A reduction in food stamp benefits is possible for Social Security claimants. To help keep up with inflation, Social Security recipients just received a cost of living adjustment (COLA) rise of 8.7 percent, and SNAP payments are based on income.

Although the SSI payment may increase, it may lead to reduced SNAP payments.

Talk to the State Agency About Your Finances

Check with the office in your state responsible for SNAP allocations before you start to worry about not having enough money for food. Keep accurate records of your income, housing expenses, and any tax-deductible outlays.

Costs of caring for a disabled or elderly family member, above $35 per month, are tax deductible.

It’s in your best interest to claim all of the deductions for which you qualify, as doing so could result in a greater monthly SNAP benefit that could help compensate for the loss of EA cash.

Message to State Legislators

Some states are contemplating using their own money to boost SNAP allocations. AARP noted that New Jersey will supplement SNAP payments by $95 per month, well over the federal requirement of $23.

Find out what programs your state is considering and write a letter advocating for SNAP increases.

To save money on groceries without sacrificing the quality of nutrition, you should think about the following.

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If you have double-checked your application and are receiving the benefits to which you are entitled, it’s time to take an honest look at your food budget and requirements.

Honey is a shopping software that scours the web for discounts and coupons, so it could help you save money if you use it.

Dollar General is among the many dollar stores that now accept SNAP EBT payments and provide fresh produce, eggs, and milk to assist shoppers to stretch their grocery budgets.

In anticipation of the forthcoming spring, you may like to consider growing a garden in order to have ready access to several types of edible plants. Using your SNAP payments, you can even buy seeds.

It’s possible that some people won’t be able to make these options work for them because of logistical or other considerations.

Use Different Applications if You Need Assistance

Pantry essentials, nonperishables, and even domestic products like paper towels and toilet paper may be available in local food pantries, which are generally organized by churches, schools, or other organizations.

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