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“i’m Willing to Die Today”: Sheriff’s Office Releases Audio of Swatting Calls to Milton High School

Monday, the sheriff’s office released audio of an alleged swatting call made by a New Jersey teen to Milton High School.
Monday morning, WEAR News reported that 17-year-old Brad Parga faces two charges.

According to the sheriff’s office, Parga started making prank calls in February 2022. They consist of:

  • a mass shooting at Milton High School
  • pipe bombs at Milton High School
  • a shooting at a Milton home
  • a domestic violence shooting at Milton High School

Following a lengthy investigation, deputies recently arrested Parga in his New Jersey home. This individual is being transported to the Santa Rosa County Jail.

Monday’s press conference featured the release of audio from two of the calls. In the first example, the caller can be heard saying:

Sheriff Johnson stated that in every swatting incident, deputies and other law enforcement personnel responded before concluding that it was a hoax.

Sheriff Johnson stated, “If you make a false report and cause us to send lights and sirens to the school and frighten the children, we will find you.” No matter where you are — New Jersey, California, or elsewhere — we will bring you back to face charges.

Sheriff Johnson was unable to specify how authorities tracked Parga’s calls and ultimately identified him as the suspect. He added that deputies confiscated Parga’s electronic devices and that additional charges are possible.

“I believe they believe they are more intelligent than everyone else,” Sheriff Johnson stated. But we demonstrated that Mr. Parga is not that intelligent.

Dr. Karen Barber, superintendent of schools for Santa Rosa County, thanked all agencies that assisted in Parga’s arrest.

Dr. Barber stated, “These incidents severely disrupted the education of students at Milton High School due to the selfish and irresponsible actions of this malicious individual.” “Students were never in imminent danger. However, the possibility of the threats led some students and their families to choose to keep their children at home. Those students cannot relive those days… My hope is that [Parga] will face the most severe legal consequences possible.”

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