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How To Read Manga? A Comprehensive Guide To Reading and Analyzing Manga!

Although comics are comics no matter where you are in the globe, manga is Japanese comics that have their own set of regulations that you must abide by. Manga is always read in a specific way and adheres to specific guidelines, whether you are reading the original Japanese text or a translation.

Reading manga might be quite the trip if you live in the West. In particular, manga is quite distinct from traditional Western comics in terms of both style and structure, and the subjects covered in manga works are typically very different from those in traditional Western comics.

The article will be broken up into various sections, each of which will discuss a different topic. You’re in the perfect place if you’re just starting to delve into the fantastical world of manga. To find out everything you need to know, including where and how to start, keep reading this article.

What is Manga?

How To Read Manga

Manga is the English word that the rest of the world uses to talk about Japanese cartoons in general. It differs from conventional superhero comics and shares a similarity with graphic novels like The Walking Dead because of its aesthetic storytelling approach.

It’s important to remember that there is also Ameri-Manga. Although written by Americans, this particular manga has a Japanese aesthetic. In most cases, there aren’t many changes between various kinds of manga, but the creators’ backgrounds have a big impact on the writing.

How Do You Read Manga?

Reading an original Japanese manga volume correctly the first time is challenging for Americans. It is essential to know the reading flow ahead because they frequently struggle to read the panels correctly. The steps to correctly reading manga are as follows:

Step 1: Selecting Manga

You must choose a manga title from the vast selection before you begin reading. Since there are a huge number of alternatives, we advise choosing a genre that appeals to you.

How To Read Manga

Once you’ve decided on a genre, you may check out the top manga books in that category. For instance, fans of fantasy desire to read Dragon Ball in digital format. If you enjoy science fiction, I recommend giving Ghost in the Shell a look.

Step 2: Getting Started

You can begin reading a manga book once you’ve located it. To begin the story from the beginning, start with the first book in the series if you did. Fortunately, the issue number can usually be found on the manga’s cover, making it easy to determine which volume comes first.

Step 3: Right to Left Reading

It is simple to see when you open a manga that it cannot be read similarly to a book printed in the United States. A manga should have its spine on the right side, in contrast to graphic novels and books published in the Western style.

How To Read Manga

In contrast to American literature, which is read left to right, manga panels are read from right to left. Thankfully, many mangas published in America have left-side cautions to prevent you from reading them backward.

Step 4: Reading Panels

Keep in mind that since the manga is graphic books, you will read panels rather than standard text. In most panels, there is a dialogue as well as visuals and horizontal writing. Reading the panels should be done from top to bottom, starting at the upper right-hand corner.

The right page should be read before the left. Start with the top panel on the right page if the panels are vertical. The text that represents character dialogues, or dialogue bubbles, abides by the same regulations as panels.

Therefore, you must read the dialogue between the characters, beginning with the bubble on the right in each panel. Additionally, it’s crucial to comprehend some stylistic trends. For instance, a flashback typically occurs when a panel has a black background.

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Step 5: Reading Characters’ Emotions

The ability to read characters’ emotions is essential for enjoying comics. There are a few things you need to know before starting, but you will pick these up as you go. Notably, a sigh bubble typically denotes happiness or annoyance. Lines across the face show if a character is blushing or thrilled about the circumstance.

How To Read Manga

Not everything in manga should be taken literally. For instance, bleeding from the nose is not always indicated by a nosebleed. It frequently indicates lust instead. Similar to this, sweat stains typically denote humiliation.


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